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Revelations from Goebbels' Diary

In an effort to stop me from gaining access, it turned out that somebody had told the archives that I was stealing material. To resolve the situation I signed a declaration stating that everything I had seen in the archives was still there, and that nothing was missing. That was, in fact, the truth.

The archives director was very pleased to have this declaration, and the secretary added the pregnant words: “The information came from Munich.” Once again my traditional enemies around the world were trying to trip me up. It didn’t work because by that time I’d obtained 99 percent of the material I had on my “shopping list”: diary portions dealing with the Kristallnacht, the “Night of the Long Knives,” the Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor, all of 1944, the whole of the months leading up to the outbreak of World War Two – everything. I’d gotten the lot.