AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE WARNS: War on the Balkans will erupt this year! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE WARNS: War on the Balkans will erupt this year!

The main US intelligence officer, Den Kouts, announces the new Balkan bloodthirsty this year, and sees the Serbs and Albanians as the main actors.
If this happens, he says, Russia's President Vladimir Putin will be guilty. The report of the US National Security Agency for 2019, which deals with security risks around the world, envisages an armed conflict in the Western Balkans. Given that it is said that Russia will initiate it (in order to halt the progress of the countries of the region towards NATO and the EU) by encouraging interethnic tensions, it is clear that they first of all considered Serbs and Albanians, because among these two nations tensions are most definitely the most prominent.

The author of the report is personally the director of NCI and the first among US intelligence agents Den Kouts, who directly accused Putin of provoking a new war in the Balkans. Together with him Kouts obviously targets US President Donald Tramp, who has long been showing open hostility.
Namely, if its bloody scenario was to be realized, not only would the notorious American deep state (Trash destroyers) be able to accuse Putin, but would sabotage the Tramp Plan to solve the problem of Kosovo, from which the head of the White House was heavily burdened. Of course, Tramp would have been shown to be completely incompetent.

In the part of the extensive NCI report, the Balkans has been processed on pages 39 and 40, and Kouts announces, among other things, the following scenario:

- The Western Balkans will almost certainly be at risk of low intensity violence, but also a possible open military conflict in 2019. Russia will seek to exploit ethnic tensions and high levels of corruption to impede the ability of countries in the region to move towards the EU and NATO.
Analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic estimates that Kouts's words are cynical.

- They now want to influence the Trampa, although there is no reason why the US would enter into conflict with Russia. The report is cynical because precisely the United States and the West caused warfare in the territory of former Yugoslavia and bombed Serbia, while Russia neither caused conflicts nor participated in them - says Andjelkovic.

Shooting in the empty

Former ambassador to the UN, Vladislav Jovanovic, believes that the intention of this report is to intimidate the Balkan nations in addition to Putin, while at the same time revamping Tramp for all the conflicts between them:

- Kouts obviously uses Putin as a scarecrow for the peoples of the Balkans in order to bring them closer and closer as possible to NATO. This is certainly a bad thing for our people, because they are playing with their political interests. However, although he threatens the flicker in the Balkans, the mitigating circumstance is that this man does not have the support of the Tramp.

The Dean of the Faculty of Security, Miroslav Bjegovic, says that the threat of a US intelligence-led shootout is empty.

- The unsuccessful attempt by Kouts, who wants in advance, condemns Russia for a possible war in the Balkans, although it is known to the whole world that the former conflict in the territory of the SFRY is precisely the responsibility of the United States, which is still dragging all the points regarding the independence of so- Kosovo state. With these moves, he wants to make it known to the Serbian leadership and to the people that Russia and the Government of Serbia will be responsible for all future crises.