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Aircraft Carriers: Give Truman and Ford a Burial at Sea

The US Department of Defense wants to retire an old aircraft carrier early while building two new ones (and adding other goodies to their shopping list).

Surprise, surprise – politicians from states with the shipyards and naval bases that employ their constituents want to keep the old carrier AND build the new ones.

America and Americans would be better off if Congress retired the USS Harry S. Truman, nixed the DoD request for two new Ford-class carriers, and worked up plans for an orderly retirement of several more carriers too. The US Navy’s surface warfare ship complement is too large, too expensive, and too “fighting previous wars”-oriented to serve any rational “defense” purpose.


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IT is AIPAC in DRAG,anti American crap and nothing close to anti war.
no comments allowed to pass with their zion test.
we need those ships in the new Republic of Texas, first as offshore flyin casinos then as the core of the new ROT navy!
thank you again John Bolton you did it again, in N.Korea this time the zionist pray/PAY for you.
the quote today is true.
"Everyday is sunny in the rich mans world"
They treat us the same as the goose who laid the golden eggs,put you in their cages and feed you bullshit,then beat you to lay more golden eggs.
As pointed out in the book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we are fast approaching the point at which we will have nothing left to lose.

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