Israel elections obscuring ‘growing apartheid’ in Palestine, professor claims | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel elections obscuring ‘growing apartheid’ in Palestine, professor claims

In an article published this week in Haaretz entitled “Front Against Apartheid,” lecturer at the Department of Geography at the University of Beer Sheva, Professor Oren Yiftachel, argued that the obscuring of the Palestinian issue in the election arena is an attempt to escape the main issue facing Israel – the “apartheid” between Jews and Palestinians.

Yiftachel pointed out that, by neglecting and silencing the issue, the problem is exacerbated rather than solved. The response of the democratic parties must therefore be the formation of a broad front against the intention of “the apartheid bloc” – namely the right-wing parties – to form a colonial regime extending across all historic Palestine.

Explaining the attempts to ignore the Palestinian issue, Yiftachel said that the upcoming elections – which are slated for 9 April – have already brought down a number of victims in the political arena. Chief among those are politicians who support the peace process, such as Tzipi Livni who in February announced she would retire from politics.

Yiftachel added that even Palestinian citizens of Israel show a growing tendency to support “pragmatic” candidates, who do not confuse their unhappy situation in the state with the Palestinian issue.