‘Credibility of US Imperial Blackmail’ Hangs on Success of Venezuela Policy | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘Credibility of US Imperial Blackmail’ Hangs on Success of Venezuela Policy

Washington has withdrawn its diplomats from Venezuela and Caracas has begun a new probe into self-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido for the power outages that, among other things, cut the capital’s water supply. A journalist told Sputnik that US moves, while backed by “disturbing language,” are a tacit admission of the coup’s defeat.

In a letter address to Congress Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked for $500 million of "appropriate resources" in next year's budget for the Department of State to "respond to the crisis" or "support a democratic transition" in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been hit with several large blackouts in the last week, the first and largest of which caused power loss in 18 of the country's 23 states, Sputnik reported. On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, "We have apprehended two people who attempted to sabotage the communications system at the Guri Dam in order to impede the process of [power supply] restoration. They are being questioned." He further identified the cause of the Guri Dam power failure last Thursday as being a cyber attack by the United States.