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Trump Administration’s Move to Gut Obamacare Raises Risks for 2020

The Trump administration is hardening its position against the Affordable Care Act and arguing now that the entire law is unconstitutional, a shift that promises to bring the issue to the forefront of the 2020 election campaign.

The position is a change for the Justice Department after it argued last year that swaths of the 2010 law -- but not all of it -- should be struck down in the case Texas brought against the government. It’s now on appeal after a lower court judge voided the law in a December ruling. The Justice Department now says that President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement should be wiped out.

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It's funny up here in Massachusetts


(*When one of Trump's 'Red Caps' starts on Obamacare , and a 'Decline The Free Hat Offer' has to remind everybody that's listening to the lame **s's tirade "Obama didn't drop it on The Commonwealth , it was Romney R-UT/MA/NHetc. who bombed the Sugar out of us ."
But in fairness they're up here getting a good fudge packing from Ed Kuhner , Howie Carr , and Michael Savage , up , under the hat)

RE: it was Romney R-UT/MA/NHetc


(*for those who seriously , honestly , and through no fault of their own , never knew who was the original architect , because allegedly , through no fault of their own , of course , Rush , Sean , and Tucker , miss little details in their , what is referred to by some as "Reporting")


(*Another detail they tend to not get around to disecting>>>)
Beto O’Rourke’s political career drew on donations from the pro-Republican business establishment

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