Russian oil companies may sell gasoline to Iran | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Russian oil companies may sell gasoline to Iran

Three Russian state-controlled oil companies, including OAO Rosneft and OAO Gazprom Neft, may begin delivering gasoline to Iran in a month, said the head of the Iran Commission of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce Industry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nicely done, Bozos! In kowtowing to Israel's demand for war, you just cut off a major supply of oil to the west, cut off a major market for American and European refined petroleum and other products, and drove Iran further into the Russian sphere of influence. I know Israel is happy and that makes all the members of Congress and the President happy, but for everyone else, this was a screwed deal from the start. More nails got driven into the coffin of our economy, and Iran isn't shutting down their nuclear weapons program because they don't have one to shut down! We need to get Obama an Olympic Gold Medal for stupidity to go with his peace prize.