Dem Rep Fires Aide After Distribution Of 'Jewish Money' List | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Dem Rep Fires Aide After Distribution Of 'Jewish Money' List

Rep. Mike McMahon (D-NY) is in full-on damage control mode this evening after the New York Observer revealed that an aide to his reelection campaign attempted to highlight an opponent's out-of-district donor base with a list of donors entitled "Jewish Money Q2."

The basic summary of the situation, from the Observer piece: McMahon's finance director, who is Jewish, pored through the campaign finance reports from one of one of McMahon's Republican opponents, former FBI agent Mike Grimm, and compiled a list of donors to who she claimed are Jewish to showcase money raised Grimm raised from outside the Staten Island, New York district.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If I read this right, our "No government can serve two masters" idea is going viral, and those pro-Israeli interests continuing to try to subvert our government are scrambling to keep their activities secret!