The Ultimate Betrayal: The Truth About the Invasion of America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Ultimate Betrayal: The Truth About the Invasion of America

There truly is an invasion taking place, but all forms of conventional media are deliberately silent about the truth. This silence is orchestrated. But then again so are the invaders in the caravans bringing mostly military and gang-age males, between 16-35 years old, and in fighting shape, to the southern border to forcibly cross into the United States. These invaders have NO intention of becoming American citizens, nor do they intend to support or pledge allegiance to our Nation, our heritage, principles, values and culture. Collapse America is the unspoken battle cry, but collect all the benefits and goodies one can obtain first. These invaders are not coming simply from south of the border to make a better life for themselves; that sounds nice and sure invokes sympathy but it is far from the truth! Young men from countries who view America as evil and must be subdued are coming here from the Middle-East, and from broken down countries supporting Socialism. Former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell in simple terms outlines steps that need to be taken, and now, if we are to stem the tide of invaders, and save the sovereignty of the United States of America. This is NOT a drill!! This is a true invasion, and I pray you will find a way to engage yourself.