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'Troubled times': what European papers say about the election results

Many European newspapers have focused on the strong showing of far-right parties across the continent in the parliamentary elections.

In France, where Marine Le Pen’s National Rally has beaten Emmanuel Macron’s centrist grouping, Le Monde says: “The extreme right comes first in France, Italy and the UK”. Le Figaro says “Macron sets up duel with Le Pen” after the the president’s group won 22.5% compared with Le Pen’s 23.5% in France.

Suddeutsche Zeitung leads its e-paper with the headline: “Greens are second biggest party for the first time” in Germany, while also looking at losses for the centre-right CDU and the socialist SPD. The parties are facing “troubled times”, it says.

It also looks at the wider European trend, however, and how populists and nationalists have gained ground in Poland, Italy and the UK. It says the main takeaways from the elections are “losses for the centrist parties, success for Eurosceptics and an increased turnout”.