Is the US media beating the drums of war on Iran? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Is the US media beating the drums of war on Iran?

Hyped-up headlines, "anonymous" sources and unspecified threats - Iran is back in the news in the United States.

It wouldn't be the first time the US media, wittingly or unwittingly, have made the case for war on the basis of vague, anonymously sourced intelligence. In 2003, it was Iraq. In 2019, it's Iran. Much of American news reporting on US-Iran relations glosses over President Donald Trump's role, how his policies have led to this standoff.

There's even less space given to reflect on the history of the US aggression against Iran. Which is not to say the Islamic Republic, ruled by authoritarians and involved in wars in Syria and Yemen, is an innocent player. However, inflammatory headlines, unnamed sources and decades of misinformation in the US media over Iran - don't help.

"All of a sudden, you have a news headline that takes over the world which comes from a rather dubious and questionable sourcing," explains Ali Vaez, the director of Iran Project at International Crisis Group. "But by the time that people start asking questions, it's already too late because the narrative has been framed."

The 2003 Iraq war is considered the greatest collective failure in the history of American journalism. And it's far too soon to see those kinds of practices in use, once again.