Google Parses Your Gmail For Financial Transactions | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Google Parses Your Gmail For Financial Transactions

Recently I came across this story by Todd Haselton that describes how the author located an obscure “purchases” page in his Google account settings and there found a methodical list of his online purchasing history, from third-party outside vendors, going back to 2o12.

The upshot of the story was that:

Google saves years of information on purchases you’ve made, even outside Google, and pulls this information from Gmail.

It’s complicated to delete this private information, and options to turn it off are hidden in privacy settings.

Google says it doesn’t use this information to sell you ads.

Naturally, I flagged this story for the next edition of our #AxisOfEasy newsletter. Haselton reports that it isn’t easy to locate and delete this information, nor is there a straight-forward path to find it in your privacy settings to disable this behaviour.