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New York Times Op-Ed Claims That “Free Speech Is Killing Us.” Seriously?

At the end of each opinion piece the New York Times makes the following statement: ‘The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor.’ Essentially, the pretext of this statement is that the New York Times does not censor or reject opinion simply because it is not aligned with the opinions of the editorial staff, and will print what does and does not resonate with the newspaper’s editors in equal measure. In other words, the New York Times purports to be strong advocates and facilitators of free speech and dissenting views.

The irony should not be lost on any of us that the New York Times opted to publish an opinion advocating for the restriction of free speech online. Unlike the New York Times, which has control over exactly what gets published under their moniker, the internet as a whole was not designed with such limits in place, and therefore quickly became the real place where people were free to publish their views, uncensored. And this, according to the published opinion of a staff writer for The New Yorker named Andrew Marantz, has become a dangerous problem. In his article entitled ‘Free Speech Is Killing Us: Noxious language online is causing real-world violence. What can we do about it?‘ he goes so far as to presume everyone agrees: