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Vegetable Recall Hits Walmart, Target and More Due to Listeria Risk

Maybe skip the salad with dinner tonight. You'll want to keep an eye on this vegetable recall.

Batten down your fridge doors, because there’s another recall on the rise. Healthy snacks have been in the hot seat lately, from frozen raspberries contaminated with hepatitis A to fresh apples carrying traces of listeria. Now, your salad may not be as wholesome as it seems. A vegetable recall is rocking major grocery chains, like Walmart, Target, Trader Joe’s and more.

This one comes from Mann Packing Co., who issued the voluntary recall on November 3 due to the presence of listeria in packaged vegetables. The recall affects retailers nationwide in the U.S. and Canada. Find the FDA statement here.

What products are recalled?
This major recall has multiple products involved. Mixed and frozen vegetables are included as well as snack trays, salad blends and sides. Brands named in the vegetable recall include Del Monte, H-E-B, Hungryroot, Kroger Organic, Mann’s, Marketside, O Organics, Signature Farms, Sysco and Trader Joe’s. Find all of the product names and labels here.

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The entire crew of the FDA should be fired, en masse, and collectively shown the door, for not being able to get a pro-active handle on issues like this.

Why does this consistently seem to happen, in the words of my late grandmother, when "The horse is already out of the barn"?!?!?