A Centrally-Directed Melt-Up: 'Synthetic Growth' Trumps 'Organic Collapse' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

A Centrally-Directed Melt-Up: 'Synthetic Growth' Trumps 'Organic Collapse'

Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog,

The demographic situation the world faces is unprecedented and unparalleled in modern history. All the deaths of the past few centuries warfare were blips on the radar compared to what is taking place now. Given the infinite growth economic model, the situation is beyond repair and no repair will be attempted.

The only goal is extension of the current model with its clear winners and losers.

To make my point, I roughly split the global population into equal halves. The half of the world inhabiting consumer nations versus the other half in non-consumer nations (previously detailed HERE). Consumer nations have per capita gross national incomes above $4,000 annually or an average of $16,000. Non-consumer nations have gross national incomes below $4,000 annually or average incomes of $1,600 per capita. Given the groups are 3.9 billion (consumers) and 3.8 billion (non-consumers) and the poor have incomes 1/10th that of consumer nations...the fact that the consumer nations consume 85% to 90% of global energy and exports shouldn't be a surprise. Consumer nations have nearly all the income, savings, and access to credit. From an economic standpoint, the consumer nations dominate and the non-consumer nations may as well be on Mars.