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Picture the Holy Crusades with Nuclear Weapons

Bush and his co-conspirators have failed to sell the threat of WMDs as justification for Iraq, let alone future planned wars to conquer the Mideast's oil. So, what was a "war on terror" (Reg Trademark White House) is being morphed into a new Holy Crusade. One reason given for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was that they were supposedly ridding the world of autocratic religiously based rule (which was not true in Iraq's case, as Saddam's government was a secular one), but apparently theocracy is now back in fashion in the US. It just depends on whose hands hold those collection plates.

I can see why Bush and his buddies are playing the "God Gambit". The Christian fundies are already convinced that they are going to get a free ride into heaven if they just help Israel blow up the whole world first. And, citing the gods as an authoritative source avoids those embarrassing questions about whether there really were WMDs or a threat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The war-mongers tried the "My God's dick is bigger than your God's dick" gambit during the push for the war with Iraq.