Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man For The CIA? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man For The CIA?

Julian Assange’s pathetic tale of persecution has just taken a tawdry turn. He is rotting away in a London jail but he will testify via camera to Spain’s National Court in two weeks that a Spanish security company spied on him relentlessly and illegally for several years at the Ecuadoran embassy in London. According to prosecutors in the case, the company, employed by the Ecuadoran government, deployed cameras and microphones in bathrooms, live streaming his every move and conversation with lawyers and officials, and then hand delivered the surveillance to the CIA in the States on a regular basis.

The embassy has flatly denied that they were eavesdropping on Assange and allowing a separate pipeline to the CIA to boot. But here is the rub: A ton of evidence was delivered to the court, which is investigating the firm UC Global and its flashy chief David Morales, who allegedly served as the point man in the spying scheme. A lot of that evidence first came to light publicly through the newspaper El Pais, which has access to videos, audio and reports that prove the spying occurred. The New York Times has also seen the material, enough to say Tuesday that it showed “his claims of being spied upon were not just paranoia or a publicity stunt.”