The Price Of Standing Up To Warming Alarmists | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Price Of Standing Up To Warming Alarmists

This is a particularly nasty story about warming alarmist facism by the Government of Western Australia and the retribution they let rip on a family resulting in the Thompsons receiving an eviction notice with just 4 days warning.

Matt and Janet Thompson came from America, invested millions of their own money trying to start a farm with 15,000 head of cattle, and was going well until Matt questioned the climate change lunacy and policies of Western Australia. In a move worthy of North Korea the government machine closed ranks and set about destroying the Thompsons. by burying their business in red tape and never ending licence applications.

So far a black Holden has not turned up in the dead of night to cart Matt Thompson off to the Gulag in Arnhem Land, but it could only be a question of time as eco facism takes hold in Western Australia.