US Continues to Push for Regime Change in Venezuela | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Continues to Push for Regime Change in Venezuela

Suggestions that the US could somehow take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to finally secure a regime change in Venezuela were originally Juan Guaido’s idea. But the US quickly offered a revised proposal where Guaido and Maduro both stepped aside in favor of a new pro-US regime,

Over a week in, there are no signs of any takers, but the US is still sticking with that plan with Elliott Abrams saying that the US is determined to push ahead the “Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela” plan.

The US declared a regime change in early 2019, announcing that Maduro is no longer president but Guaido is. After a solid year of getting the international community to accept this, however, Guaido seems no more likely now to take power, and the “transition” plan suggests the US goal is ousting Maduro more than it is propping up Guaido.