Netanyahu/Gantz Unity Deal… Safeguarding Israel’s “Democracy”. Annexation of West Bank Ongoing | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Netanyahu/Gantz Unity Deal… Safeguarding Israel’s “Democracy”. Annexation of West Bank Ongoing

A weeks earlier agreement between them collapsed, a new unity deal struck.

Netanyahu prevailed. Gantz’s surrender to his demands split his Blue and White (B &W) party.

It may have ended his chance to become prime minister, his political career perhaps ruined by reportedly agreeing to most Netanyahu demands — a Gantz Versailles as things now stand.

On Monday night, capitulation was formalized, a “national emergency government” formed, ending over a year of political stalemate.

Gantz tweeted the following:

“We prevented fourth elections. We’ll safeguard democracy” (that’s nonexistent under apartheid rule).

“We’ll fight the coronavirus and look out for all Israeli citizens. We have a national emergency government.”

Netanyahu remains prime minister at least for the next 18 months, Gantz to serve as deputy PM and war minister with veto power over who’ll serve as Knesset speaker, Gantz ally Gabi Ashkenazi (another former IDF chief) to be foreign minister.

Terms of the deal give Netanyahu veto power over appointments of Israel’s next attorney general and state prosecutor.

In other words, he’ll have say over who’ll prosecute him for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in trial proceedings scheduled to begin on May 24 — unless postponed again, a real possibility.

Netanyahu and Gantz will share power on appointment of new judges, along with other members of Likud and remnants of the Blue and White party.

Given how Netanyahu got Gantz to capitulate on key terms of their deal, the PM will likely have most say on who’ll become appointed judges, ones favoring his interests likely to be chosen.

Should coalition government unravel during the next 18 months, Gantz would take over as prime minister.

If Netanyahu retains the post over this time period and remains free from imprisonment for serious offenses, it’s unclear if he’ll relinquish his portfolio to Gantz as terms of their deal stipulate

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Israel, the alleged "Only democracy in the Middle East"; are you flipping kidding me?!?