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Climate Models Do Not Simulate Real-World Cloud Structures Well

In this study, cloud profiling radar data from the CloudSat satellite were combined with lidar data from the CALIPSO satellite to obtain 3D profiles of clouds and precipitation regimes across the tropics. Some of these profiles corresponded to well-known weather features, such as low clouds, thin cirrus, cirrus anvils, etc.; and they were compared to output obtained from the Community Atmosphere Model version 3 (CAM3.1), which exercise revealed that the model "overestimates the area coverage of high clouds and underestimates the area coverage of low clouds in subsidence regions." And what was particularly striking, in the words of Zhang et al., was "the model overestimate of the occurrence frequency of deep convection and the complete absence of cirrus anvils," plus the fact that "the modeled clouds are too reflective in all regimes."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So what this study is reporting is that the computer models used by the warmistas to "prove" that humans are warming the Earth are so flawed they cannot even accurately model the cloud cover we are seeing today, a major factor in whether the Earth is warming or cooling.