White House aiming for Trump pivot from virus to economy | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

White House aiming for Trump pivot from virus to economy

After two months of frantic response to the coronavirus, the White House is planning to shift President Donald Trump’s public focus to the burgeoning efforts aimed at easing the economic devastation caused by the pandemic.

Days after he publicly mused that scientists should explore the injection of toxic disinfectants as a potential virus cure, Trump has now rejected the utility of his daily task force briefings, where he has time and again clashed with scientific experts. Trump’s aides are aiming to move the president onto more familiar — and safer, they hope — ground: talking up the economy, in tighter controlled settings.


The economic devastation was caused by.....

Ethan Allen and...

the US Federal and State governments stupid ass response to the virus. Not the virus! Korea,Sweden and some other countries did real quarantines of sick people and contact tracing. This isn't a quarantine. It is a prison lockdown of the inmates.
The virus has been used to cover up the worst depression in history and the reaction from government is to turn the whole world into a prison. This is the biggest and worst violation of human rights in history. It is too late to save the economy. Right after the 2016 election it was predicted the dems would try to get rid of Trump by impeaching and convicting him. If that failed,they would destroy the economy. If Trump wasn't such a weak man he would have declared a state of insurrection and arrested these traitors. But he didn't and here we are know,looking at millions becoming homeless and hungry by winter. It will take a miracle to stop mass starvation! Revolution and Civil war are next on the agenda. God help us all.

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