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On The Battleground Of The Virus, The Fox Laughs Last

Authored by Alastair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Today, there are two irreconcilable visions of American life. After 1992, the two parties alternated presidents every eight years. Yet, with each succeeding administration, the political milieu has grown yet more rancorous and divided. There is no relationship between parties now — save as sworn enemies, Vlahos observes.

In this context of a ‘nation fissured’, the U.S. military have issued some catchy posters, urging national unity and the wearing of face-masks. (They can be seen here). And they all crib a notably nostalgic WW2 style: “It’s a woman’s war too”; “Fight the spread of coronavirus”, and “Let’s all fight” (as a GI lunges forward, in attack mode, his gleaming bayonet fixed).

Ok, Ok, everyone today is employing the military meme. That’s not the point. Ask historian, Professor Vlahos. He will tell you the salient point is that the American Civil War never really ended, and is still there, latent, today – except …

Except … during FDR’s term in office, when America fought WW2 – that’s the point. Only then was America a unitive state: ‘one nation, undivided’. That is, when it was fighting a war. So how to reconcile America’s split psyche? How to win re-election? Well … Blame China. Hot or cold? Who knows? It’s going to be a long, fraught six months ‘til November.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a question which no one in the White House seems to want to answer, with this "blaming China" meme regarding the origin of Covid 19; at what point will the Chinese leadership believe that they are going to have to "do something" to save face (a big thing in Asian cultures), and what will that "something" be?!?

And let's get real; the economy was tanking far before the first diagnosed cases of Covid 19 appeared; it just took countries' responses to this, to push the world economy on its head into near-collapse.