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Israel’s Deputy PM: No One in Cabinet Thinks Peace Deal Possible

Despite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims of commitment to reach a deal within a year, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon today dismissed the notion, saying he didn’t believe anyone in the cabinet thought it would happen.

“I don’t know a single minister in the septet who thinks it’s possible to reach a deal in the foreseeable future,” Yaalon insisted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yaalon is absolutely correct: no one in Netanyahu's cabinet thinks a peace deal is possible, because the Israeli government doesn't want peace.

The Israeli government wants territory, and by any means necessary.

What we are about to see happen, in these Kabuki-style negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis, is a complete breakdown of the process, blamed on the Palestinians by the Israelis, coupled with sporadic Palestinian violence which Israel will use as a "justification" for further repression against the Palestinians.

This will be followed by a brisk Israeli annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank, coupled with forced expulsion of Palestinian families from homes in which their families have lived for generations.

And what will the rest of the world do?!?

Absolutely nothing, other than utter the usual toothless admonitions about how unfair this all is.