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BBC Waving space aliens at us to scare us into a global government

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, as bizarre as it may seem, it does look like the globalists are going to try to fake an alien invasion to scare us all into being their willing slaves for the rest of eternity. The controlled corporate media is dutifully raising everyone's awareness of flying saucers and UFOs, while planted stories in the media warn that UFOs are de-activating our nuclear missiles!

There is no question there is a lot of build-up to this alien stuff, but where is the payoff, or as Magicians put it, the "Prestige"; the moment when the manufactured spectacle is finally shown to the bewildered audience?

I am old enough to remember America's first communications satellite. It was called "Echo" and it was a very simple passive repeater consisting of a gigantic Mylar balloon. The size of a basketball when launched on August 12, 1960, when deployed and inflated it was the size of a ten story building and the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon for the 7 1/2 years it remained in orbit.

Since then the US has gained a lot of experience with inflated structures in space. The gigantic antennas of the Rhyolite series of communications spy satellites are inflated structures, as one example.

Some, how to convince the world that alien flying disks are in the skies? What would the Wizard of Oz do to sell this one to his slaves of the Emerald City? Why, he would bring out his balloon, of course!

Let us suppose dozens of truly gigantic inflated balloon, the great grandson of Echo, made of thin aluminized Mylar, were launched inside the X37B shuttle that has been tooling around up in space for the last several weeks doing who-knows-what. Over time, the balloons are set loose in different orbits. At a set time or signal, they all inflate, appearing simultaneously all over the world. If they are 1000 feet across, ten times the size of Echo, they would be brilliant objects in the night sky just before sunrise and just after sunset; impossible to miss. Although merely a dot in the sky, (or possibly a discreet disk shape in more powerful amateur telescopes), a populace who had been fed UFOs and space aliens for months on TV would (in theory) trust ABCNNBBCBS when the talking heads say the are alien space ships. After all, what else could they be, or so the theory goes.

Personally, I think it is a stupid idea and not likely to work, but the slavers are desperate to hold off the impending global human stampede, and this nutty Aliens plan feels like a "Hail Mary" stunt done in panic.