Government Spying via Facebook | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Government Spying via Facebook

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just another propaganda trick to discourage people from communicating with each other; to trick Americans back into psychological dependency on ABCNNBBCBS. But with 300 million angry Americans, it's not like there are enough Federal Agents to spy on us all. 99% of what gets posted to Facebook are clipping from other sources. There is simply too much information out there to correlate.

You think the Feds don't already know we are angry? You think the government is not aware there is open talk of revolution across the land? You think Obama hasn't heard that the people want him charged with high treason for allowing Israel to attack Americans in international waters? You think Congress thinks they got away with holding the Middle Class down while Wall Street gang-banged us all into poverty?

They know it. They know that the interval between now and the guillotines grows shorter every day. All they want to do is hold off the final collapse as long as possible while they loot the nation and skedaddle for the borders! So they play this Booga Booga trick to keep people from sharing their growing rage with each other.

Not gonna work.

Not a chance in Hell.

So to all those government goons reading these words right now; cut your losses. Take what you already looted and leave now while you can. Because you and I both know your bosses will offer you up as a sacrificial lamb in a heartbeat to save their own sorry asses when the final bug-out happens.

P.S. People lie about themselves on Facebook.