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US Expands Remote Pacific Military Base Amid Regional Standoff With China: Report

In late June, a Chinese government think tank warned of a possible military conflict due to the US military’s "unprecedented" deployment to the Asia-Pacific region.

War Zone has reported about "substantial improvements" to the secretive US military base on Wake Island, described by the news outlet as “America's remote outpost deep in the Pacific”.

“The major expansions to the [Wake Island] airfield began early this year and are still underway today”, War Zone said, referring to new satellite imagery that it obtained from the private American imaging company Planet Labs.
The improvements include a large apron expansion on the eastern side of the airfield, construction in the support area to the north, and a complete rebuilding of the runway.

War Zone editor Tyler Rogoway pointed to Wake Island’s “key fallback position” in case of a possible armed conflict with China, which he said would almost certainly affect a key US naval base on the island of Guam.

US-Chinese Pacific Standoff
The reported expansion of the Wake Island base comes amid an ongoing standoff between Washington and Beijing in the Asia-Pacific region as the sides continue sending warships to the area for naval drills.

On Saturday, American strike group commander Rear Admiral George M. Wikoff was cited by The Wall Street Journal as saying that the US Navy is sending two aircraft carriers, the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan, to the South China Sea to take part in war games.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Throwing the defy at China in this manner is not calculated to ratchet down tensions, but to exacerbate them; President Trump needs to understand just what a dangerous game he is playing right now, with these exercises.