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US Warns Iran and China Against Major Investment and Security Deal

The exact terms haven’t been announced, but Iranian officials are reporting that they are close to finalizing a major deal with China that would expand security ties, and greatly expand economic ties, including in the all-important banking sector.

This stands to benefit both China and Iran considerably, but runs counter to US interests in isolating both of them internationally, leading the State Department to oppose the deal and threaten to impose more costs on Iran and China if they try to make the deal.

Despite US anger, Iran keeps looking to make deals with other nations the US is hostile toward. Recent trade with Venezuela has been met with a furious US backlash. Similar anger can be expected with this new deal with China.

And yet, while US sanctions, particularly banking sanctions, have given them the ability to dictate most ties for those nations, China has a strong enough system to flat out defy the US, and the State Department’s sanctions likely are to be of minimum value.



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