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Profits Soar for Sex Surgeries Masking Sex

Because the issue of sex surgery, on the sex characteristics of physically healthy people, is framed as a human rights issue, most people miss the growing industry that is evolving in body dissociation – creating a new market in sex. It’s not just engaging in sex but being a sex - from our genes and DNA to our sex characteristics – that are being farmed for profit. The rebranding of transsexualism to transgenderism and its promotion as normal, commodifies being a sex. Sex, specifically female sex, has already been colonized by corporations through the industries of pornography, prostitution and commercial surrogacy. But the colonization of being a sex, or changing sex, goes further.

Corporate profits being generated and rising over the years, for sex surgeries on physically healthy individuals, give light to why media and corporations drive the concept of transgenderism and have rebranded a sexual fetish of adult men in a way that has made it attractive to young people as an identity. It also helps us understand why the largest international law firm in the world is helping to construct the legal lie of the “transgender child,” an identity which creates life-long medical patients.


Body dissociation?


Is it me or is this a form of schizophrenia?

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