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Oct. 30, 1938: ‘War of the Worlds’ Induces Panic

Long before Ashton Kutcher began punking celebrities, a talented young actor with a wicked sense of humor pulled off one of the biggest pranks in American history.

Oct. 30, 2008, marked the 70th anniversary of Orson Welles’ legendary radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds," which sparked a nationwide panic, causing many Americans to believe an actual Martian invasion was under way.

Directed and narrated by Welles, the hour-long broadcast aired Oct. 30, 1938, as a Halloween-themed episode of CBS’ radio series, Mercury Theatre on the Air.

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For those of you living on the island of Oahu, tonight is the final performance of our re-creation of the War Of The Worlds radio broadcast at the Richardson Theater, Fort Shafter. Admission is free, performance is at 7:30. Come and see if I am as ugly in person as I am on Justin TV! Good way to avoid spending a fortune on candies for those tiny costumed freeloaders! :)