TSA Body Scanners Deprive Americans of their Dignity | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

TSA Body Scanners Deprive Americans of their Dignity

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the sake of a few fast bucks for the "Security Industrial Complex", our tourism industry lies in ruins. I live in a tourist destination. My wife and I walked through Waikiki a week ago and it was a ghost town compared to what it was when we first moved here.

The greedy bastards wave a mythical "Al Qaeda" at us, scream there is a danger that does not actually exist, then proceed to shower travelers and airport workers alike with cancer and leukemia all in the name of corporate profits. The Security Industrial Complex is on a roll and unless you are willing to stand up and stop them, soon they will require you to fly naked, then sell you new (and very costly) clothing at your destination.

In the end, there is one and only one way to stop terrorism and that is to stop screwing around with other peoples' countries.