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Looming Medicare cuts "catastrophic" for seniors

Looming cuts in Medicare payments to doctors could cause a “catastrophic” drop in health care services to seniors unless Congress approves a 13-month, $15.4 billion temporary fix this month, the president of the American Medical Association said Monday in San Diego.

The pay cut scheduled to take effect Dec. 1 would reduce Medicare physician payments by 23 percent for the rest of the year and an additional 1.9 percent beginning in January.

If the cuts are implemented, some doctors may be forced to limit the number of Medicare patients they see or face going out of business, said AMA President Dr. Cecil Wilson.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any society, on a moral level, is ultimately judged by how they treat the most vulnerable members of that society; the elderly, the physically infirm, and infants.

Time and time again, the US government throws these people under the bus of bad policy decisions, and people - literally - die as the result.

In Switzerland, everyone is required to buy a very basic health insurance: insurance companies make their money by selling more elaborate policies, and no one in Switzerland is uninsured, and everyone gets health care. Care is matched completely to the need of the patient. This makes sense, the government isn't strapped to pay for the care, and the insurance companies make money.

Why couldn't this well be the model for American health care, because the Swiss system actually works! ?!?