Israel devouring East Jerusalem | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel devouring East Jerusalem

Flying in the face of the international community, including its own guardian-ally, the United Sates, Israel has approved a wide-ranging plan to obliterate the remaining vestiges of the traditional Arab-Islamic identity of East Jerusalem.

Sponsored by the ultra-fascist group known as National Union, the plan would see the demolition of hundreds of Arab homes, establishing extensive infrastructure for Jewish settlers, mainly at the expense of the native Palestinian inhabitants, and building huge bridges for the purpose of achieving "demographic Jewish contiguity."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's government choosing to do this now demonstrates how thoroughly comfortable they are with collectively vomiting in the faces of America's leaders, and telling them it's raining.

They know that US money and military aid will keep flowing, no matter how egregious and flagrant Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights become: they are perfectly secure in their conviction that no one in the US government dares to do anything about it.