China Is a Challenge, But an Asian NATO Is Not the Answer | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

China Is a Challenge, But an Asian NATO Is Not the Answer

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to undermine President Donald Trump’s "America First" agenda by promoting ever-expanding military commitments around the globe. Pompeo’s latest interventionist fling occurred last week when he attended the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or Quad, in Tokyo.

Also present were representatives of Australia, India, and Japan. This international meet-up was unashamedly directed against China. Pompeo urged participants to protect their people from Beijing’s "exploitation, corruption and coercion." He and Australia’s foreign minister reportedly discussed "China’s malign activity in the region."

Moreover, the administration indicated that it hoped the Quad would lead to much more, perhaps even an Asian NATO. In August Deputy Secretary of State Steve Biegun attended the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum, at which he lamented that "The Indo-Pacific region is actually lacking in strong multilateral structures." He urged the Quad to expand its membership: "I think there’s plenty of reason to bring other countries into this discussion as well." Indeed, he hoped "to create a critical mass around the shared values and interests of those parties in a manner that attracts more countries in the Indo-Pacific and even from around the world."