New Free Speech App Parler Could Cause ‘Harms’ to ‘Democracy’: Tech Researcher on CNN | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New Free Speech App Parler Could Cause ‘Harms’ to ‘Democracy’: Tech Researcher on CNN

A lead researcher for technology condemned conservatives for doing what many on the left have told conservatives to do — join a new social media platform. And she used CNN to do it.

Political ads lead researcher Bridget Barrett seemed disgusted by the fact conservatives have any safe-haven online to share their ideas. She joined CNN in an interview Nov. 15. Her comments in the interview demonstrate that liberals don’t care about conservatives’ rights to free speech, but merely want those views to be silenced. CNN anchor Michael Holmes began with a leading question about how Parler constitutes an “echo chamber” and asked “what are the risks in that?” Barrett responded by panicking over how Parler will enable “the spread of hate, of false information” and “terrorists, both foreign and domestic to recruit or plan.”

Barrett also warned that Parler could cause “harms” to “our democracy” itself:

“[I]f you allow a space where none of these claims are going to be countered, that people are going to believe that an election was unfair or illegitimate when every valid and legitimate source has been clear that this was one of the best run elections that we’ve had in years.”