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Biden's Great Leap Forward: A split second in Wisconsin

I live in Switzerland and was working at my computer the morning after the U.S. election when I was stunned to see the Fox election map suddenly do something completely unnatural: in a split second between 3 A.M. and 4 A.M. U.S. Central Time, the Wisconsin icon switched from light-red Trump to light-blue Biden. In that same instant, the probability meter, which had been very accurate in 2016, likewise jerked from a 77% Trump likelihood to over 80% Biden.

Maybe it's because most Americans did not watch it happen live as I did, but I have since wondered why this bizarre moment — Biden's Great Leap Forward — has not been widely mentioned.

So I decided to find that late-night moment of Biden's Blue Miracle in the voting results database. The database is sent from the supplier to the New York Times, and here is the link for the Wisconsin data:

In the screen shot below is the moment I saw happen in real time at 3:42:20 ("Z" or Zulu Time is six hours ahead of Wisconsin time), as the lead changed from a 3.6% Trump lead to a 0.3% Biden lead: