It’s obvious now, Fox News CONSPIRED against Trump | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

It’s obvious now, Fox News CONSPIRED against Trump

We all saw it unfold before our eyes election night, as the mass media pretended like Joe Biden had the lead from the outset, would keep it, and would be “patient” while an avalanche of fake votes and voting machine algorithms did the heavy lifting the next few days to help him “win.” Then, for some strange reason, Fox News called Arizona way too early. Looking back it’s the smoking gun. Hindsight is 20/20, and even the sloppy Democrat cheat machine can’t cover their tracks. Now lump Fox News right in with the swamp creatures. They stabbed all patriots in the back during the biggest battle of the century.

The goal of the Democrats and Globalists (who now own and run Fox News) was to convince all Americans that Biden had the whole thing “in the bag” from the beginning so the results would sting less. Four years ago, every Democrat in America was screaming the Russians conspired with Trump to fix the election, now every Republican is labeled a conspiracy theorist, including Trump, who says the election got rigged in any way, shape or form. Guess who was in on the fix? Fox News.