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Ben Affleck Becomes a Dupe of Global Government Operators

At one point in his Op-Ed he writes:

Perhaps the lack of attention toward these atrocities explains the disconnect in Washington between the compassion felt for the people of eastern Congo and the nominal advancement of specific policies to bring sustainable change to the region. Fortunately, that began to change this summer with passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, which required reporting the origin of potential conflict minerals from Congo. I hope that the incoming Congress will continue the bipartisan movement for sustainable peace and prosperity in that region.

I'd like to know who put this "conflict minerals" idea in Affleck's head.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This whole "conflict minerals" nonsense is a trick to protect certain monopolies. As just one example, the global diamond trade is dominated by the De Beers family, and those diamond cutters and merchants lucky enough to be affiliated with them. Diamonds are just carbon, after all, and their value is created through an enforced illusion of scarcity, even though every jewelry store in every shopping mall has am ample supply for the holidays.

But were a competing source for diamonds enter the world market, the illusion of scarcity would vanish, and the price of the diamond in your weeding ring would fall down to the price of the diamond in that drill bit in the garage. So, this whole nonsense about "conflict stones" was invented to trick people into not buying from De Beers' competition, to protect the monopoly, to maintain the illusion of scarcity, and to keep diamond prices high.

Havng been so successful at protecting the diamond monopoliy, the "conflict" hoax is being used to prop up other monopolies and crush potential competition before it ever gets off the ground. Far from assisting the Congo, Ben Affleck has just consigned them into perpetual poverty, unable to exploit and profit from their own mineral resources!

Ben has just proved that the inverse relationship between beauty and brains knows no gender!