The Deep State Will Not Dial Down Hacking | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Deep State Will Not Dial Down Hacking

The events surrounding the SolarWinds supply chain breach raise questions about the efficacy of American intelligence services. But going down that rabbit hole is the last thing that the Deep State wants to do. Those intrepid souls who do poke around and ask hard questions typically end up like Congressman Otis Pike; quashed and condemned to obscurity. So maybe it’s no surprise that voices in the commentariat are performing an op-ed kabuki which positions the debate atop a neatly conscribed set of assumptions. Thus avoiding topics that elites might find threatening.

Full of Sound and Fury

If anything the SolarWinds media circus has been lively. Full of breathless descriptions delivered in ominous tones. The incident itself has been described as “historic,” “hard to understate,” and equated to a cyber “Pearl Harbor” (a term that was very popular years ago). The Perpetrators are similarly depicted as “top-tier” actors who demonstrated the sort of “sophistication and complex tradecraft” which is seen as the hallmark of a “state-sponsored” operation.

Yes sir, straight out of a Robert Ludlum novel.