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The Breach of the Capitol Was Obviously a Set-Up

What happened at the Capitol building on Wednesday obviously was a stratagem to destroy the President’s popularity and support and overshadow the challenges to the Electoral College vote, to my eyes. The building was breached at the beginning of that process and, of course, riveted the media news feeds. Members of Congress were evacuated with hoods over their heads as if they were in grave danger.

As a group of protesters approached the building, a policeman removed the barricade and appeared to invite them in.

That group entered the rotunda peacefully and stayed behind the rope line. Those who observed this noted that there were several instigators embedded among the crowd. They were using bullhorns to agitate and move people. A couple of them set off flash bangs.

We now know that several known Antifa activists were among the agitators. As they broke windows, Trump supporters tried to stop them. But the distraction worked, frightened the pathetically spineless Republicans who were set to challenge the stolen election. They quickly capitulated and Biden was certified. The Republicans, even the ones we thought had grit, got rolled.