FLASHBACK - French Letter Revolution on December 7 2010 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FLASHBACK - French Letter Revolution on December 7 2010

I have few means and I cannot participate in this spontaneous and peaceful citizen initiative while depriving you of the my finances, but know that to count of this day some citizens decided to take their destinies in hand while withdrawing their liquidités, by closing their current accounts and save of your damned private banks, one knows it, under the stateless and selfish yoke of an elite.

This first act will be can be marginal, but it will amplify himself. The citizen that I am desires that the transmission of the change no longer is under "checks" private but comes back to the nation, sovereign, that she rediscovers the essential and basic right the transmission of his changes and of the "management" his inflation…

This action wants itself and has an origin: apolitical, out union, free, legal, peaceful, far themes racialistes and outside of the religious and philosophical convictions Of every participants:

Together and met under this only banner: STOP BANK!!