Lessons from the Trumpistan Coup | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Lessons from the Trumpistan Coup

Now that we’ve had the luxury of a few days to digest things, let’s take a look at the January 6th “event” in Washington and see what we can reasonably and logically conclude. There is much that we don’t know, much that we can’t know, and yet much that is certain, or nearly so. We need to take a moment to do some clear-headed and skeptical thinking about this whole event, to remain on solid footing, and to muster the courage to take the necessary subsequent actions. The end result will be perhaps less ‘conspiratorial’ than some might hope for, and yet my conclusion, I think, will be more firmly justified than ever.

Let’s start with the “apparent reality.” By all appearances, January 6 was a day of diverse protests, all of which focused on the election certification by Congress. Authorities evidently planned for several hundred thousand people at various venues, representing related movements. The semi-official “March to Save America” was joined by marches from other organizations like Women for America First, Stop the Steal, and (we are told) a number of renegade groups like The Proud Boys. Around noon, “several thousand people” gathered at the Trump rally, which was then transformed into a mass protest action aimed directly at Congress. By 1:15 pm, people had started to collect around the Capitol building. Around 1:45, the first small group broke through the crowd-control fencing and were at the doors to the building. This was, coincidentally, just about the time that the legislators had convened, in both the House and Senate, to begin their 2-hour debate on the objection to the Arizona delegate count. By 2:30, Capitol police had begun to lock-down the building, and were warning congressmen and staffers to evacuate or shelter in place. Within five minutes, protestors were in both the Rotunda (underneath the big dome) and in Statuary Hall, to the south; both areas, incidentally, are formally public spaces. (The House chamber in the left wing, and the Senate chamber, in the right wing, are not public.)