Who Planned The False Flag On Capitol Hill? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Who Planned The False Flag On Capitol Hill?

Joe Biden talks about unity while his Big Tech enablers at Twitter, Facebook, and Google censor, blackball and de-platform Conservative and Christian content.

Joe’s idea of unity looks like Saul Alinsky’s idea of Cultural Marxism. In his speech on the 6th of January, the president told the crowd to march peacefully and patriotically. This speech is what the Democrats are now using to impeach the president for inciting violence.

This attack is as dishonest as was the first attempt to impeach him and people around the country and the world are seeing that Donald Trump is being persecuted by traitors on both sides of the aisle who are sold out to the globalists and the Communist Chinese Party. The President gave a speech today in Alamo Texas that was completely ignored by all of the mainstream and cable networks with the exception of Newsmax.