Biden scores domestic political points off Russia, but does NOTHING to prevent a crisis | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Biden scores domestic political points off Russia, but does NOTHING to prevent a crisis

This article was originally published by Energy Intelligence under the headline Biden-Putin: Facing the Real Risks, and appears on RT with that outlet's permission.

Unlike his immediate predecessors, Biden has not made a "reset" of US-Russia relations a foreign policy priority. However, Russia’s status as a nuclear-armed superpower is forcing the Biden administration to seek diplomatic solutions to the problem of arms control. Other similar avenues of potential positive engagement with Russia also exist in areas such as cybersecurity and European energy security. Instead of pursuing these and other kinds of real security risks, the new administration seems bent on a portrayal of Russian policy priorities that looks more geared toward building political support among a domestic US audience than resolving serious differences. The failure by the Biden administration to address the real areas of potential confrontation early on could lead to more serious crises in the not so distant future.

US-Russian relations just got a much-needed boost in the form an exchange of notes regarding a five-year extension of the New Start nuclear weapons treaty, scheduled to expire on Feb. 21, 2021. By putting forward a “clean” extension, the Biden administration avoided the deal-killing pitfalls inherent in the negotiating position of the Trump administration, which sought specific modifications of the treaty text, additional verification requirements, and a reduced timeline for extension. The Russian government clearly agrees with Biden and is fast-tracking the ratification of the extension.