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Myanmar Protesters Denounce China's "Hidden Hand" In Propping Up Junta

There's increasing suspicion that China had a "hidden hand" in Myanmar's coup d'etat which kicked off Feb.1 upon the arrest and detention of the country's civilian leadership.

The substantial rumors that Beijing assisted in the military coup that's plunged its southeast Asian neighbor into unrest - with a near total internet blackout and armored vehicles patrolling the streets - have grown to the point that it prompted a formal denial from China’s ambassador to Myanmar.

Ambassador Chen Hai early this week responded to growing pro-democracy protests that have formed outside the Chinese embassy in the city Yangon. It a written public statement the ambassador claimed to have had no "prior knowledge" of the coup, further saying that allegations of Communist China's assisting in setting up a telecommunications firewall in cooperation with military coup forces are "laughable".

"We have friendly relations with both the NLD and the military. The current situation is absolutely not what China wants to see," Chen added.

As an example of the growing allegations that see Chinese 'interference' all over the worsening Myanmar situation, Hong Kong pro-democracy activists are circulating assessments like the following.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This blaming of China reinforces the theory that the unrest is a US-backed color revolution.