Government expresses ‘regret,’ will compensate for disappeared Yemenite children | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Government expresses ‘regret,’ will compensate for disappeared Yemenite children

The government on Monday approved a NIS 162 million (almost $50 million) compensation plan for the families of immigrants to Israel during the state’s formative years who say their children and siblings were taken from them by the authorities when they arrived in the country in the 1950s and then disappeared.

Known as the Yemenite children affair, the issue involves over 1,000 families — mostly immigrants from Yemen, but also dozens from the Balkans, North Africa, and other Middle Eastern countries — who have alleged their children were kidnapped from Israeli hospitals and put up for adoption, sometimes abroad.

The official explanation is that the children died while under medical care, but many families do not believe this, insisting their children were taken away and given to childless couples of European backgrounds. Although previous inquiries have dismissed claims of mass abductions, the suspicions have lingered and contributed to a long-simmering fault line between Jews of European origin and those of Middle Eastern backgrounds.