US: "It's Taliban's fault if we slaughter Afghan children" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US: "It's Taliban's fault if we slaughter Afghan children"

In a telephone interview, Colonel Julian accused Taliban forces of "immersing themselves" among civilians on Monday to deter American forces from using airstrikes.

"Our close air support has been so devastating with the Taliban that they are trying to stop us using it" by provoking situations in which civilians are caught up in fighting and killed, he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One is reminded of the statement of the Papal legate at the siege of Montesgur against the Cathars, when told that there were children and infants among the group.

His response was, "kill them all: God will find his own."

The people of Afghanistan do not "hate us because we are free": they hate us because we are indiscriminately bombing the crap out of, and killing and maiming, the people they love and about whom they care deeply.