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September 17, 2016

Sep 17 10:19

Western Media Credibility In Free Fall Collapse

The latest from the Gallup Poll is that only 32% of Americans trust the print and TV media to tell the truth.


Republicans, 18 to 49 year old Americans, and independents trust the media even less, with trust rates of 14%, 26%, and 30%.

The only group that can produce a majority that still trusts the media are Democrats with a 51% trust rate in print and TV reporting. The next highest trust rate is Americans over 50 years of age with a trust rate of 38 percent.

It is not difficult to see why trust in the media has collapsed. The corrupt Clinton regime, which we might be on the verge of repeating, allowed a somewhat diverse and independent media to be 90% acquired by six mega-corporations. The result was the disappearance of independence in reporting and opinion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would very emphatically challenge Dr. Roberts on that last bit; this is why people, hungry for the truth, are flocking to independent media sites like WRH!! :-)

Sep 17 10:15

US & US-controlled forces haven't fulfilled any Syria ceasefire deal obligations - Russian Army

The US is still reluctant to take measures to force rebels under its control to implement the Syrian ceasefire, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, adding that if things do not change, Washington will be the sole side responsible for the failure of the truce.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, it's simple. All Assad has to do is leave and let us put in a puppet government that will plunder Syria for us ... and we can all kiss and make up!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 17 10:12

With Hillary as President 'We are Looking at Nuclear War With Russia or China'

James George Jatras also explained the rationale behind the harsh comments about Trump from the Democratic camp and the overall attitude towards the Republican nominee.

Hillary is the candidate of the "deep state", of the oligarchy, he said. In effect. the way the script was supposed to run was that the corresponding co-candidate should have been Jeb Bush so that "we have "Tweedledee – Tweedledum" choices like we usually get."

He also pointed out one reason why people are really concerned about Hillary's political and physical viability and might not want to see her go is that they realize there will be "blood bath in the Democratic party while deciding who succeeds her."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Terrifying, but quite true.

Sep 17 10:06

Putin's Adviser: Why Eurasian Union is a Better Deal Than the European Union

...The President's speech emphasized that the broad Eurasian integration, or Greater Eurasia, involves the concept of multi-speed integration, which we used in the framework of the CIS. Countries that were more focused on integration, created the Customs Union. At first, only three states: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Today there is also Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. In parallel, we have a large number of economic agreements within the CIS, including the free trade area, which includes all the CIS States. And the same model is offered by our president for the greater Eurasian integration. Within this model, there are clusters of more cohesive countries, such as a single economic space, for example, of the Eurasian Union. With China's there is emphasis on joint investment projects, which is why, in fact, China initiated the establishment of an international infrastructure investment bank.

Sep 17 10:03

Benjamin Netanyahu Added 100,000 Settlers. Now the U.S. Rewards Him With Largest Aid Package Ever.

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION on Wednesday signed a formal memorandum of understanding that would increase the annual military aid package to Israel, rewarding it with a record $38 billion over 10 years.

This increase in aid comes as the Benjamin Netanyahu-led Israeli government, which took office in 2008, has vastly expanded the network of illegal settlements deep into the Palestinian territories in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Shortly before Netanyahu took office, 474,000 Israeli settlers were living in these territories. By the end of 2014, the last time the Israeli government released comprehensive statistics on the matter, that number had grown to around 570,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is precisely the point of these settlements, and where they are positioned; to make a contiguous Palestinian state impossible.

And talk about the Obama administration rewarding bad behaviour, in terms of the impunity with which Netanyahu has allowed those illegal settlements to be founded; this is absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Sep 17 10:00

‘We’re Just Not Into Her’ – Hillary Clinton Losing Support of Millennials

What’s up with the millennials? The Clinton campaign may have felt a jolt after seeing the front page headline from this morning’s Wall Street Journal which read, “Millennials Have Cooled on Hillary Clinton, Forcing a Campaign Reset.“

Traditionally, the 21 to 35 year old age bracket (born 1980-1993 in our epoch) has been a bastion of the Democratic Party. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican Donald J. Trump among under 35’s plummeted in the month of August from 25 points… down to only 5 points. Pretty shocking, but even more so in a week that has seen a Hillary health scare, resulting in Trump surging ahead of Clinton in multiple national polls, and also in perennially pivotal electoral patches like Florida and Ohio.

So what’s up? Why can’t Hillary chill with the millennials, like Barack once did?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because Hillary comes across as that cross old Aunt you try to avoid at family reunions!

Use coupon code "Rivero" for 15% discount!

Sep 17 09:59

Are your doctors saying, “It’s flu shot vaccination time?”… A few vaccine articles to help you decide…

I’ve not had any kind of vaccination for a couple decades now. No flu shots, no anti-zika shots, no anti-H1N1 shots, no anti-bird-flu shots. And have I contracted any of those? No.

Sep 17 09:59

Putin: US is already violating Syria agreement, "regrouping" Al-Nusra

“We agreed that Jebat Al-Nusra and others like it should be singled out and it should be shown where they are at and where so-called healthy forces are. But what do we see now? We are now seeing not the separation of terrorists from the healthy part of the opposition, but attempts at regrouping these terrorists,” the president added... Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, expressed doubt as to whether the Security Council would adopt a resolution in support of the agreement on Syria as long as Washington refuses to disclose the details. The American side explained its refusal to disclose the details because such could affect the safety of humanitarian aid delivery in Syria. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov repeatedly urged Washington to make public the whole package of Russian-American agreements on Syria that were reached in Geneva last week, and obtain the approval of the UN Security Council.

Sep 17 09:58

Russia Says UN Meeting Cancelled Over US Objections

A hastily scheduled Security Council meeting was canceled because the U.S. does not want to make public details of the Syrian cease-fire deal, Russia's ambassador to the United Nations said Friday.

Vitaly Churkin said there was no point in briefing the council if the U.S. did not want to say exactly what was in the documents outlining the deal hammered out last week by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"This briefing is not going to happen and mostly likely we're not going to have a resolution of the Security Council because the United States does not want to share those documents with the members of the Security Council and we believe that we cannot ask them to support a document which they haven't seen," Churkin said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is the US government so terrified of here, that they didn't want details of this agreement made public?!?

Sep 17 09:56

State of emergency declared after crucial oil pipeline leaks 250,000 gallons in Alabama

A leak has caused the closure of a crucial pipeline that carries gasoline to the eastern United States, a disruption that threatens to drive up prices and leave service stations without fuel to sell.

A section of the Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston to New York, has been closed since Sept. 9 after a spill of roughly 250,000 gallons was discovered in rural Shelby County, Ala.

Sep 17 09:55

Bratislava Summit: The Beginning of the End of the EU?

In Bratislava, an informal summit of the European Union is opening, the first in which Great Britain will not participate, having already announced its intention to withdraw from the EU. British Prime Minister Theresa May was not even invited to Bratislava. However, concrete negotiation strategies with the United Kingdom will not be discussed in Bratislava, since London has not yet exited the EU by employing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. The meeting is being held in Slovakia, which holds the position of EU chairman according to rotation. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has stated that the summit will diagnose the “state of health of the EU” after the victory of Eurosceptics in the UK referendum and “prescribe treatment for its illnesses.” EU leaders have set before themselves the task of “restoring a sense of political unity” in the run up to the Rome Summit in March 2017 dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the European Community - the forerunner of the EU.

Sep 17 09:54

Ravaged by conflict, Yemen's coast faces rising malnutrition

Sitting by her son's hospital bed, Houdaid Masbah looks at her 5-year-old boy's skeletal body and sunken cheeks, helplessness engulfing her like a thick cloud — a desperation she shares with many other mothers in Hodeidah.

Even before the war, Hodeidah was one of the poorest cities in Yemen, the Arab world's most impoverished nation. Now, the destruction of the port city's fishing boats and infrastructure by the Saudi-led coalition's airstrikes over the past 18 months of war has deprived the townspeople of their prime livelihood.

The U.N. estimates that about 100,000 children under the age of five in the city and the surrounding province, also called Hodeidah, are at risk of severe malnutrition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Chronic malnutrition, after a point, leaves a child mentally crushed for life, and physically disabled; there is only some level of restoration possible to physical and mental capabilities, but the kid may never be "normal".

Take a good, hard look at this haunted, hungry face; then imagine, for one second, that this was your kid, and you are powerless to help them.

US government is facilitating this massive epidemic of malnutrition in Yemen, by being a partner in war crimes to the Saudi government

Sep 17 09:52

Ukraine: Where Rape is "Patriotic" and worth 100 Euros

The Ukrainian publication “Korrespondent” has analyzed what, in Ukrainian reality, happens to people who dare to criticize the Kiev government and its policies. The results are shocking, especially given that thieves and pedophile-rapists live at large in today’s Ukraine as long as they are “heroes of the ATO.” Freedom-loving European journalists call criticism of the current Kiev regime, which came to power through a coup d’etat, “anti-Ukrainian activity.” The facts collected by “Korrespondent” will stop anyone in their tracks...

Sep 17 09:50

Like WADA's double standards, IMF breaks its own rules to give Ukraine CPR

The IMF came to the aid of Ukraine because the United States still needs it. The total collapse of Ukraine now would be disastrous for American plans. Ukraine is already clinically dead, and doctors in the pay of the US, occasionally inject the country with a doping cocktail for it to have at least, faute de mieux, the appearance of the walking dead. This is why the IMF provided this slice in utter violation of its rules and statutes. This situation does not seem to embarrass the financial institution, even though they have refused loans to other countries (such as Greece and Argentina) for less than that. Indeed according to the same IMF Articles of Agreement, it can not normally lend to:
- A country that has little chance of repaying, or
- A country in default, or
- A country at war.

Sep 17 09:50

Reality Check: Why "Health Issues" Prove Clinton Campaign "Untrustworthy" on Many Levels

Sep 17 09:46

WikiLeaks: Huma Abedin Email Proves Hillary Has Deadly Blood Clot

Abedin, vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, wrote an email to Hillary referring to her cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), in a revealing 2013 email exchange.

The email suggests that Hillary’s alleged bout of pneumonia on Sunday may in fact be a blood clot, which drains blood from the brain.

Sep 17 09:45

Study: One-Third of Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen Hit Civilian Targets

A new study conducted by the Yemen Data Project in cooperation with the Guardian has revealed for the first time some shocking metrics related to the massive civilian death toll in Saudi airstrikes. The study found that roughly one-third of all airstrikes targeted explicitly civilian targets.

That’s a best-case scenario, too. 3,158 non-military targets were confirmed out of a little over 8,600 raids. Another 1,882 of the strikes hit “unknown” targets, meaning all told the number of civilian targets could be in excess of half overall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By enabling the Saudi military with their purchase of US weapons, and providing "guidance" to the strikes, the US government is a collaborator in Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

Please let that sink in for a moment!!

Sep 17 09:44

YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR: Eastern Europe makes five demands to block EU superstate

THE European Union appeared more fractured than ever today after a powerful group of eastern states laid down a series of demands over migration and the economy.

Members of the influential Visegrad group, which comprises of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, rejected migrant quotas and blasted the overbearing EU Commission with an incendiary ultimatum.

Sep 17 09:42

Royal Navy sinking fast as 'lack of money and manpower' forces ships to stay in port

THE Royal Navy is sinking fast due to a lack of money and manpower forcing ships to remain in port instead of sailing the open seas, according to a former First Sea Lord.

Sep 17 09:41

Narva gets ‘Irish scenario’

The US prepares a new hotbed of tension in the chaos belt around Russia. It will be the Russian-speaking Estonian Narva. A 'secret report' of the Estonian government Commission on Security has been cited in the Eesti Ekspress. The provocation is dangerous because it can trigger a world war. The report warns that events in the Ida-Viru County, the capital of which is Narva (80% of population are Russians), may develop under scenario of the Eastern Ukraine or Northern Ireland. 'Russification is going on in Ida-Viru,' the Delfi wrote. 'Unless we undertake certain steps, we will lose the county, and in case of a conflict with Russia, we won't be able to control situation in the cities of Ida-Viru'. According to estimations of the report, '60,000 people will passively support such conflict, while 1,500 residents are possible active adherents of the conflict.' The Irish scenario presupposes 'presence of a local terror net, which is supported overseas.

Sep 17 09:40

Japan to increase activities in South China Sea, defense minister says

Japan's defense minister says its forces will increase engagement in the South China Sea through training cruises with the U.S. Navy and multilateral exercises with regional navies.

Newly appointed Defense Minister Tomomi Inada says Japan will also help build the capacity of coastal nations. She was speaking ahead her first meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter Thursday in Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This tactic, apparently encouraged and enabled by the US government, appears to be engineered to further infuriate China to the point of provoking a potential military response.

Sep 17 09:40

‘IT IS POSSIBLE’: Marine le Pen pledges EU referendum in Presidency bid as Brexit inspires

MARINE Le Pen has said that she will call for a referendum on the European Union if she were to become the President of France as she launches her presidential campaign.

Sep 17 09:39


Sep 17 09:39


The U.S. intelligence community declined to conduct a required assessment of the damage to national security caused by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton sending and receiving secrets on a private email server.

“ODNI is not leading an [intelligence community]-wide damage assessment and is not aware of any individual IC element conducting such formal assessments,” Joel D. Melstad, a spokesman for the of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said.

The most sensitive classified information leaked and possibly obtained by foreign intelligence services included ultra-secret information on U.S. drone strikes, according to American intelligence officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very simple here; neither Clapper nor Melstad want to wind up "depressed" in Fort Marcy Park!!

Sep 17 09:38

Three Big Lies That Pervade America’s ‘News’ Media

The Big Lies that pervade the U.S. ‘news’ media are the ones that are essential to sustain in order for the deceived American public to accept the fraudulent basis upon which the U.S. regime of Barack Obama has ‘justified’ his economic sanctions against Russia, and his pouring of U.S. troops and weapons onto and near Russia’s borders:

1: Calling the bloody U.S. coup that overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine in February 2014 instead a ‘democratic revolution’ against him, which established ‘democracy in Ukraine,’ instead of established a dictatorship and a civil war there.

Sep 17 09:35

UK to BLOCK hated EU army plan in final blow to Juncker’s Brussels superstate plot

BRITAIN is set to veto Jean-Claude Juncker’s plan for an EU army in a parting shot as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said there can be no rival to NATO.

Sep 17 09:34

US is a source of instability in Afghanistan

Now quite disturbing events are taking place there. Pakistan has been putting into effect its program on extradition of the Afghan refugees, who settled in the country in the 80s, for some months so far. Which is the situation in Afghanistan and around it today?.. It seems that Afghanistan is constant terror acts, combat acts, scorched earth, where there is nothing but for drug traffic given news and analytic programs. To some extent it's true. On the other hand, it's the same country as many other, infrastructure projects are being advanced, economy is being developed. Afghanistan is under huge outer and inner pressure. The president of the country Ashraf Ghani has recently opened an international airport in the province of Bamyan... On the other hand, we have evidenced tense escalation at all directions lately. Relations with Palistan have deteriorated, they have never been rosy despite the fact that it's one region.

Sep 17 09:34

MIGRANT HORROR: Teen tied up and gagged after three men gang rape her at Eiffel Tower

Sep 17 09:32

#VaxXed #Indiana Indy nurse tells all

Sep 17 09:28

FLASHBACK - ‘Washington Post’ Confirms Hillary Clinton Started the Birther Movement

New analysis from the Washington Post removes any doubt that the anti-Obama Birther movement was started in 2007 and 2008 by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her Democrat supporters.

Sep 17 09:26

Massive Sinkhole Opens In Florida Releasing Millions Of Gallons Of "Slightly Radioactive" Water

A massive sinkhole has opened up underneath a retention pond at a Mosaic fertilizer plant in Mulberry, Florida allowing 215mm gallons of water thought to be "slightly radioactive" and contaminated with phosphoric acid to leak into the Floridan aquifer.

Sep 17 09:26


The arrest of the head of global foreign exchange cash trading at HSBC bank may shed new light on suspicions the Clinton Foundation has been involved in illegal offshore money-laundering operations on a massive scale.

The investigation into HSBC currency trader Mark Johnson and associate Stuart Scott for their alleged role in a “conspiracy to rig currency benchmarks” by front-running customer orders has escalated to the point where the Department of Justice is threatening to tear up a 2012 agreement to fine HSBC a historic $1.9 billion for money-laundering violations in lieu of criminal prosecutions.

At issue is whether or not HSBC has honored the 2012 deferred-prosecution agreement in which the bank agreed to establish internal review procedures to catch and punish potentially criminal activities by employees.

Sep 17 09:25

US uses Manas base for drug traffic

The US base Manas in Kyrgyzstan could have been used for heroin export from Afghanistan, former President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev claimed. The US air base Manas had occurred in Kyrgyzstan in December 2001 before Operation Enduring Freedom was started in Afghanistan. At the time Akayev was the president of Kyrgyzstan. According to the agreement, the US could use the base for logistics only, that is to shift military and cargo to Afghanistan. 'We don't know what they were doing on their way back. They could have transported heroin. They could have been doing whatever,' Akayev stated. The US acted in the same way within operations in the Latin America. The former president believes that authorities of the base should have been aware of these operations. 'In such a way the US offset its costs. It's widely known. All their operations in the Latin America were carried out via drug trafficking,' Akayev said.

Sep 17 09:24

Hillary’s Pneumonia: What The Clinton-Protecting Media Aren’t Telling You Is A VERY BIG Deal

The Daily Mail headline in its coverage of the event: “Why did Hillary hug a child while suffering from pneumonia?”

What kind of woman with pneumonia runs the risk of infecting an innocent child like that?

Unless, of course, that woman, her doctor and her handlers know, or believe, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the kind of pneumonia that’s contagious.

Among the “conspiracy theories” that, until now, have been dismissed with a disdainful flip of the hand by know-it-all media types is the suspicion that Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. But given what we’ve just seen in New York and what we’ve just heard from Hillary’s doctor, that suspicion may become stronger still.

The reason? The particular kind of pneumonia that can be a complication of Parkinson’s is not contagious because it doesn’t result from a bacterial or viral infection. It’s not contagious but it is dangerous.

Sep 17 09:23


On 13 September 2016, at 1 a.m., although the cease-fire had just come into force, the Israëli aviation attempted to destroy a combat position in the South of Syria and certain military installations near Damascus.

The Syrian Arab Army fired at and hit the planes with new generation missiles. One of the planes crashed in jihadist-held territory, the other managed to land in Israël.

Tsahal at first denied the two incidents, then recognised having violated Syrian air space and admitted that Syria had fired on their planes.

The available information does not enable us to know exactly what the Israêli planes were (F-15, F-16, or F-35), nor if the missiles were fired by Hezbollah or by the Syrian Arab Army, nor what type of missiles they were or who built them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, whatever weapons which were fired at the Israeli fighters were able to target them with a very certain degree of precision; something upon which the IDF had not counted, in ordering the strike into sovereign Syrian territory.

Sep 17 09:23

Clinton Foundation CEO Admits To Pay-For-Play: "No Question" That "Courtesy Appointments" Were Made

Yesterday, the CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Donna Shalala, went on MSNBC and openly admitted to engaging in "pay-for-play" activities saying there is "no question" that Foundation donors received "courtesy appointments" during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. Somehow, Shalala would like for us to believe that so long as appointees weren't put in a position to impact policy decisions then there is no real issue. I guess we should just ignore that taxpayers are funding the salaries of those appointees and paying for their government-related travel all over the world while Hillary gets to accrue "political capital" and her Foundation gets to continue raking in the donations?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Donna Shalala: under Clinton's watch, the US government became a government for sale, and to the highest bidder, under the Clintons' "pay to play" scheme.

And any government's money was just fine, no matter what they did to the citizens of their own country,even countries which included:

chemically castrating, jailing, and executing their LGBTQ communities


permitting the brutal, barbaric practice of female genital mutilation

Sorry, Ms. Shalala: these are the facts.

Are you going to tell me that Hillary Clinton "didn't know" these practices were going on in many of the Middle Eastern and Northern African from which the Clinton Foundation gladly accepted donations?!?

Or would you give me the most likely, honest answer, that being she did know, but didn't give a damn.

Oh...silence at this question, right?!?

Sep 17 09:23

China to block UN sanctions against DPRK

China has claimed about 'uselessness' of sanctions against North Korea and its readiness to block such decision of the UN Security Council. The Chinese Foreifn Minister Wang Yi 'condemned' nuclear testings of North Korea at the talks with his colleague from Japan. According to him, such acts of North Korea should be opposed in the framework of the UN, however he warned the colleague not to demand 'useless' sanctions in the Security Council. According to him, the initiative 'will hardly be backed' by China. Statement of the Foreign Minister of the country which has a right of veto in the UN has been regarded as the decision to block the Security Council resolution on nuclear testings by North Korea, in case it comprises demands to extend sanctions against China's ally.

Sep 17 09:19

Hillary Clinton’s campaign: ‘Nothing short of a disaster’

The repercussions just keep rolling in: Hillary Clinton’s recent decision to call Donald Trump’s fans a “basketful of deplorables” has turned into “nothing short of a crisis” for the Democratic presidential nominee, says veteran pollster John Zogby. Ah, but it gets worse. “The entire fainting and pneumonia issue is nothing short of a disaster,” he continues, noting that the distress and drama of Mrs. Clinton’s health challenges have prompted voters to ask visceral questions about her truthfulness and judgment.

“This has all been badly done. New polls have come out that show Clinton down 5 points in Ohio, down in Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa — and none of these polls reflect more than just one day’s sample. A new CBS Tracking Poll now shows her leading Trump 42 percent to 40 percent. I probably shouldn’t speculate, but I suspect she will lose a few more points,” Mr. Zogby continues.

Sep 17 09:17

MSNBC Reporter Gets Sick of Lying for Clinton, GOES OFF on Live TV

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell criticized Democrat presidential Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday, (you can see the full video below)claiming the former secretary of state has reinforced the “conspiracy theories” about her health by lying about it.Mitchell appeared on the network’s “Morning Joe” program and said Clinton had a problem with undoing all the mainstream media’s efforts to present her in the best of health when she lies and leaves the press in the dark about her condition for hours.

“This was so botched. This was so mishandled.” Mitchell said, obviously annoyed.

Sep 17 09:07

Moscow insists on publishing agreements on Syria to assess their implementation

"We hope the US will stop shying away from publication of the documents it undersigned and the whole world will learn then about obligations of the sides under these documents and will be able to give unbiased assessments to how each side fulfills the agreements," Zakharova said. As she commented on a statement by the US Department after a telephone conversation between State Secretary John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, she said this was not the first time that the US came up with an interpretation of a document endorsed in Geneva. Kerry said earlier on Friday Washington would set up a center for coordination of strikes jointly with Russia only after the conditions for humanitarian access in Syria featured in the Geneva accords were fulfilled.

Sep 17 09:06

Hispanic Activist Who Attacked Trump Over 'Rapist' Comments Arrest for Rape

An Hispanic activist who attacked Trump for asserting some Mexicans are "rapists" has been arrested for raping an illegal immigrant.

Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, who goes by the name "Tony Yapias," is an immigrant from Peru who agitates for open borders.

For years he's been the head of the Proyecto Latino de Utah, where he's been "a constant source of quotes for reporters eager to promote mass immigration."

Lately, he's been working to get Latinos out to vote for Hillary Clinton.

This past week, he was arrested and charged with rape.

Sep 17 09:04

Haitian President EXPOSES the Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!"

Sep 17 09:00

Clinton Foundation – Greatest Fraud in US History

Sep 17 08:58

Cocktails of Dozens of Drugs In Our Water Supply Remain Unfiltered

By Marco Torres

So-called safe drinking water supplies coming out of our taps are now proven to contain industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals linked to toxicity, developmental problems, tumour growth and hormonal disruptions. One glass of tap water now contains hundreds of contaminants that are not filtered through federally approved guidelines which monitor safety standards servicing millions of people.

Excreted and flushed through our sewage works and waterways, drug molecules are all around us. A recent analysis of streams in the US detected an entire pharmacy: diabetic meds, muscle relaxants, opioids, antibiotics, antidepressants and more. Drugs have even been found in crops irrigated by treated waste water...

Sep 17 08:22

Is America Giving Too Much Aid to Israel? Key Poll Findings

The United States has just signed an unprecedented military aid deal with Israel totaling $38 billion. What’s remarkable about the agreement is that the United States is committing to significant levels of aid to Israel over a period of 10 years.
Note: Not one single penny ask the question why are we financing Israel.

Sep 17 08:19

State Department and Establishment Media Silent on Israel’s 200 Nukes

Not only has the State Department ignored Colin Powell’s revelation Israel has two hundred nukes, so has the establishment media. After DCLeak posted a tranche of Powell emails hacked from the former secretary of state’s personal Gmail account, RT’s Caleb Maupin asked the State Department for comment on Powell's mention of Israel’s nukes. He was ignored. Meanwhile, the story has been virtually ignored by the media. The Sun in Britain reported on it, as did The Times of Israel and Haaretz in Israel, but The New York Times and The Washington Post have remained silent.

Sep 17 07:17

Draghi Cannot Admit He is Wrong

Sep 17 07:00

Florida Fertilizer Plant Sinkhole Reportedly Leaks 215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Water Into Aquifer

A massive sinkhole at a fertilizer plant in Mulberry, Florida, has caused about 215 million gallons of radioactive water to drain down into the Floridian aquifer system, according to ABC affiliate WFTS. The aquifer system supplies drinking water to millions of Florida residents, according to the St. Johns Water Management District’s website. Additionally, water that escapes from the aquifers create springs used for recreational activities like snorkeling and swimming.

Sep 17 06:59


Sep 17 06:51

We aren’t ‘little brown brothers of America,’ don’t lecture us – Philippines FM

The Philippines foreign minister has warned that his country will not be treated like a “little brown brother” to the US, and will not be lectured on human rights. It follows inflammatory statements made by the nation’s president about US President Barack Obama.

Speaking in Washington on Thursday, Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay said: “I am asking our American friends, American leaders, to look at our aspirations. We cannot forever be the little brown brothers of America...we have to develop, we have to grow and become the big brother of our own people.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"ISIS is in the Philippines. We start bombing today!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 17 06:50

Germany closes missions in Turkey over fears of attacks

Germany says it has temporarily shut its diplomatic missions in Turkey, with reports saying that the move came amid fears that the buildings might come under attack by supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Sep 17 06:49

Deadly Dust - Depleted Uranium (Frieder Wagner 2007)

German documentary film with english subtitles produced by Mr. Frieder Wagner (original name is "Todesstaub"). The film is about war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, particularly in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo and Iraq. The use of depleted uranium is made genocide of those countries that is not remembered in the history of mankind, even the Nazi crimes remained low compared to the genocide, which is still ongoing and will last almost forever, unfortunately. In contaminated areas people are still at risk of a lot of people do not know and this is the worst because it is invisible genocide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mentioned by a caller into yesterday's radio show.

Sep 17 06:48

NYPD: We can't tell you how much cash we seize because it would break our computers

New York City council member Ritchie Torres wants to know how much cash NYPD seizes every from citizens every year using using civil asset forfeiture, so he introduced legislation requiring annual reports from NYPD. But NYPD said at a hearing that the bill shouldn't be allowed to pass because NYPD's computers will crash if they attempt to generate the reports. Sounds legit!

Sep 17 05:45

HOW CHARITABLE! 5.7% Of Foundation Budget Went To Charity...

Just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”

Sep 17 02:31

Entangling of Montenegro in NATO inadmissible, says Serbian politician

the leader of the Serbian Popular Party, Nenad Popovic, said on Friday in an interview with TASS. "The fact that the authorities of Montenegro are pushing their country into NATO against people’s will is simply inadmissible. Montenegro went through NATO bombings in 1999 and I’m confident more than 90 percent people there are against NATO membership, and that’s why the government in Podgorica is fearful of holding a referendum on the issue. Throughout its history, Montenegro has been Russia’s ally. And look, right now the Montenegrin authorities have introduced sanctions against Russia — in contradiction to the will of the people. Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic is seeking to destroy the collective memory of the people in that country. He wants the nation to forget NATO bombings, to forget that Russia has always been Montenegro’s closest friend.

Sep 17 02:25

UN SC meeting cancelled due to US refusal to disclose details of Syria deal

The United States’ refusal to disclose details of the bilateral agreement with Russia on Syria has not allowed to hold a UN Security Council meeting on Friday and threatens the adoption of the resolution in support for the deal, Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to UN, told journalists on Saturday. "The United States is not prepared to share the document with the members of the Security Council, and not even describe them in detail. When we agreed to do a briefing, at least you need to describe the content of the document. And in my mind, what we have been saying publicly and my foreign minister (Sergey Lavrov) has been saying publicly, we believe the document needs to be circulated. I mean, why make a secret of them? Those are things on which we are going to base our work if the whole thing is implemented.

Sep 17 02:21

Russian UN envoy hopes UN SC will adopt resolution calling for ban of nuclear tests

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1996. It was signed by 183 countries and adopted by 164, including Russia. However, CTBT has not yet entered into force because the eight countries that possess nuclear weapons or potential for making them, had not yet ratified it. Among those countries are Egypt, Israel, India, Iran, China, North Korea, Pakistan and the United States. Russian Ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin hopes that the UN Security Council will adopt a resolution next week calling on countries to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). "There were some good changes, and now hopefully that resolution is going to be adopted," Churkin told journalists on Saturday. "And to us, the main element of that resolution will be calling on everybody to ratify CTBT because the only way to be on solid ground is to ratification of CTBT," he added.

Sep 17 02:18

Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoy delivers humanitarian aid to Macedonia

The humanitarian aid was delivered to Skopje by the order of the Russian government, at the request of the Macedonian authorities. Over 20 people were killed and another 100 injured in floods that hit Skopje overnight to August 7. Over 5,000 houses and farms were partially or completely damaged by floods. "A convoy with humanitarian aid for Macedonia’s population has arrived in Skopje. Five trucks brought mobile electric stations, pumps and food - canned fish and meat," a spokesperson for the Emergencies Ministry said. The convoy was on the road for a week. Setting off from the ministry’s Noginsk rescue center in the Moscow Region, the convoy went to Novorossiysk. From there, it passed over 850 kilometers of the Black Sea by a ferry to reach Bulgaria’s Burgas. The convoy came to Skopje from there.

September 16, 2016

Sep 16 19:33

Pepsi Admits That Its Aquafina Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water, Coca-Cola’s Dasani Is Next

Waking Times Media

In a shocking reveal, the Pepsi corporation admitted that its Aquafina bottled water is not purified water or spring water, but simply plain old tap water. The company will now be forced to change the labeling of the brand to reflect that it is just tap water.

Sep 16 18:55

Why I Really Hate the Huffington Post

I freakin’ hate the Huffington Post.

Really, I try not to single out others for direct criticism, but I saw a headline today that iced the cake for me, and I just have to come right out and say it.

The Huffington Post is the most biased, judgmental, manipulative faux journalism website in America. And that’s saying a lot, because I detest CNN and the other mainstream sites rather intensely, too.

Everyone has the right to an opinion, and I’m all for that. My issue is that they pretend to be journalists.

Just for clarity’s sake, I don’t pretend to be a journalist. We’re under no pretense here that I am doing anything other than posting my opinion of the information I’m writing about. That’s why each category has the word “blog” in the title.

Publishing “opinion” as “news” is actually “propaganda”.

Sep 16 18:09

Mode Media, once valued at $1 billion, shuts down abruptly

This is the parent company of 12160.info ' s web hosting service

12160 is offline

Webmaster update: 12160.info is back online.

Sep 16 15:38

Deutsche Bonds "Dropping Like A Stone" As 'Most Dangerous Bank In The World' Plummets

"They are dropping like a stone," warns one European credit strategist as signals from the bottom of Deutsche Bank's capital structure signal a "huge increase in the potential for a coupon skip." With DB stock tumbling towards record lows again (EUR 11 handle), Bloomberg reports, the bank’s 1.75 billion euros ($2 billion) of 6% additional Tier 1 bonds, the first notes to take losses in a crisis, are crashing... as the world's most systemically dangerous bank faces existential problems once again.

Sep 16 15:35

Welcome To Paris...

Ah, Paris in the fall; less crowds, color everywhere, less expensive, hot chocolate season, and the Palais-Royal Gardens are lovelier than ever. However, there's just one thing...

Paris has turned into one big migrant camp!

Sep 16 15:33

Media Furious: "We All Got Rick-Rolled" By Trump

Whether you support Trump or not, you have to admit he's pretty amazing at making the media dance along to his tune all while providing hours of complimentary media coverage. But Trump's latest stunt has really stirred the mainstream media into a frenzy with CNN's Jake Tapper declaring "we all got Rick-Rolled" by Trump and Politico's Glenn Thrush tweeting "this is a f--king disgrace."

Sep 16 14:31

LANDSLIDE INCOMING… Democrats Fear Colorado Is Slipping Away to Donald Trump

– African American share surging – 19.2%
– Big rise with millenials, almost +10 with 18-34
– Intent to vote on the rise for Trump and in decline for Hillary
– Almost +23 with males, just -10 with females

Sep 16 13:43

"I Am A Deplorable, Vote Trump" Florida Seafood Restaurant Posts Epic Billboard

The age of the s***lord is upon us.

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – The Controversial sign at Barnacle Bill's restaurant on Tamiami Trail is causing a flurry of activity on social media.

The new marquee, posted by owner William Davis, reads "NRA member, concealed carry OK, I am a deplorable, vote Trump."

Sep 16 13:29

How The DNC might try to Save Face and Dump Hillary Clinton at the same time.

Maybe Hillary Clinton afterward being out of the public eye where she might pass away in her home. Hoping her death will put the whole thing to rest once and for all. in the DNC’s eyes, all their hands are dirty in her corruption. She is a liability that is the big elephant in the room they can no longer deny. The DNC has no easy choices because the all consequences are all too harsh either way they decide to go..

Sep 16 13:23

New video shows mob of Yale students encircling professor and angrily demanding an apology after he told them to 'just look away' if they were offended by racist Halloween costumes

New videos have surfaced of a Yale professor being protested and yelled at by students for sending an email telling them to ignore people dressed in offensive or racist Halloween costumes last year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What a bunch of whiners modern college kids have become. I sure as hell would not give them a job. It would be more trouble than it was worth!

Sep 16 13:21

International Campaign Renews Fight to Pardon Edward Snowden

By Derrick Broze

An international campaign has launched to pressure President Obama into pardoning whistleblower Edward Snowden.

From the moment The Guardian, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, The New York Times, and O Globo began publishing leaked government surveillance documents, Edward Snowden has been the subject of controversy...

Sep 16 13:16

Tory MP Faces Suspension For Leaking Report To ‘Predatory’ Payday Loans Firm Wonga

A Tory MP faces suspension after sending a draft parliamentary report to a payday loan company which has been condemned as “usurious” by religious leaders.

The Standards and Privileges Committee recommended Justin Tomlinson, Conservative MP for North Swindon, be suspended for two days after he was found to have “committed a contempt.”

Sep 16 13:11

Police Killings Since Ferguson -- in One Map

13 year old Tyre King is number 2,195

Sep 16 12:27

SMILE: IMF Chief Christine Lagarde to Face Trial in French Court

Once in while, a feel good story comes around. As we covered in our recent episode of ON THE QT @21WIRE.TV, the thought of IMF head Christine Lagarde facing trial over her $440 million pay-off to elite insider Bernard Tapie – a certain to bring a smile to many. For years, the public have had to endure watching globalist elites swooning around their jet-set circuit, from Aspen, to Wall Street, to the World Economic Forum in Davos, as they pontificate about ‘economics’, and alongside their pop culture mascots like Bono from U2 seated comfortably in their Gulfstream Jets, they claim to pedalling “solutions’ and that they are somehow saving the world’s poor from abject poverty.

Sep 16 12:20

Britain Must Stop Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia: MPs

A number of UK lawmakers have called on London to stop the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia until an inquiry into Riyadh’s human rights violations in Yemen is complete.

The Committee on Arms Export Control (CAEC) has raised serious concern about the UK’s commitment to international law regarding the sale of arms, the British media reported on Thursday.

Sep 16 12:05

Colin Powell acknowledges 200 Israeli nukes

According to hacked emails reviewed by foreign policy website LobeLog, former Secretary of State Colin Powell acknowledged Israel’s nuclear arsenal, an open secret that U.S. and Israeli politicians typically refuse to acknowledge as part of Israel’s strategy of “nuclear ambiguity.” Powell also rejected assessments that Iran, at the time, was “a year away” from a nuclear weapon.

Sep 16 12:04

'Crusaders! Infidels! Dogs! Get out!' American-backed rebels force US commandos to leave Syrian town

“Five or six” US special forces troops had to withdraw from the town of al-Rai on Syria’s border with Turkey, after allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had driven them out, calling them “infidels” and “crusaders,” several media outlets have reported.

The Turkish military, which last month openly crossed the Syrian border to fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), has admitted that US soldiers are providing a supporting and coordinating role in the operation being carried out between the Syrian towns of Azaz and al-Rai, Reuters reports.

At least two videos circulated on Twitter on Friday evening appeared to show that they were not welcome in al-Rai.

Sep 16 11:50

Multi-Million Dollar Clinton Foundation Donor Implicated In Chinese Vote Buying Scheme


Sep 16 11:45

Would You Rather Risk Getting Zika or Be Sprayed With Toxic Pesticides?

In the worst real life game of “Would You Rather” ever, many Florida residents would far prefer to risk contracting the Zika virus than to be sprayed like a bug.

This week, protesters showed up in gas masks to let the Miami Beach City Commission know how they really feel about aerial spraying of Naled in their neighborhoods.

Things got kind of heated.

Sep 16 11:44

ATTN Climate Alarmist --> AMA Considering Abandoning Decades-Long Opposition to Assisted Suicide

AMA Considering Abandoning Decades-Long Opposition to Assisted Suicide

Sep 16 11:16

Philip Giraldi On Israel Getting The Biggest US Aid Package In History

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice met with her Israeli counterparts yesterday to sign an historic aid deal that will see $38 billion dollars shipped from US taxpayers to the Israeli military. In a press conference, Rice claimed that, “[t]his MOU is not just good for Israel—it’s good for the United States. Our security is linked…” Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report is joined by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi to discuss how closely “linked” is US national security with Israeli security. Also, we discuss what a huge boon this will be for US defense contractors, who will supply all the military items to Israel:

Sep 16 10:50

"We Got Played!" Media Triggered After Trump Trolls Them Into Covering Military Endorsements

The absolute madman strikes again!

The media showed up to the presidential ballroom of the new Trump International Hotel on Friday morning expecting Donald Trump to take questions about whether he still questions if President Obama was born in the United States.

Instead, they got more than a half hour of a variety of military heroes — generals, medal of honor recipients and a gold star wife — expressing support for the Republican nominee. And it all aired live on the cable news networks.

Sep 16 10:03

Clinton: 'There is no Erasing' Trump's History of 'Birther' Attacks on President Obama

Hillary Clinton today said Donald Trump owes President Obama and the American people "an apology" for pushing the notion that President Obama was not born in the U.S, and that even if he flip-flops on his position now, “there is no erasing it in history.”

"For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history,” the Democratic presidential nominee said during remarks at the Black Women’s Agenda symposium in Washington, D.C.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Talk about flogging a dead horse!

Even the Washington Post admitted that the whole birther nonsense was started by Hillary's 2008 campaign. So Hillary started this nonsense, then fanned it up, hoping to trap Donald Trump with it and distract everyone from her ongoing "pavement challenges" and the valid concerns that she has Parkinson's Disease. But Donald apparently read up on the facts, which is that Obama's biological father was Frank Marshall Davis, who met Obama's mother at UH Manoa. Frank was funding his education as a pornographer and Obama's mother was one of his models, and it was the 60s, the summer of love (followed by the autumn of gonorrhea) and out pops Obama the love child. When Obama's mother married Obama Sr. it was easier to re-issue a birth certificate than go through a formal adoption (and it did happen a lot back then).

So Trump evaded the trap Hillary set for him and we get to watch Hillary throw a tantrum right here on ABC!

Sep 16 09:55

Germans Hit Breaking Point: Fight With 'Refugees' in the Streets of Saxony

Germans angry over incessant harassment from so-called "refugees" finally hit their breaking point and started fighting back in Bautzen, Saxony.

Sep 16 09:53

Economic costs of Middle East wars exceptionally high: IMF study

Armed conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa are not only devastating the economies gripped by fighting, but are sapping growth in neighboring countries and those hosting millions of refugees, the International Monetary Fund said Friday.

In a new study analyzing 179 conflict countries since 1970 to quantify economic costs, the IMF found that the drops in economic output in war-torn Syria, Libya and Yemen in recent years have far exceeded the worldwide average.

Sep 16 09:51

Pro-Israel Stance Means US Leaders Won’t Try to Revive Middle East Peace Process

The United States’ unquestioning support of Israel ensures that the Middle East peace process and the prospect of an independent Palestinian state are both dead, US analysts told Sputnik.

Sep 16 09:51

Kyrgyzstan's Refusal to Allow US AWACS 'One of the Reasons' of Tulip Revolution

Kyrgyzstan's refusal to allow the United States deploy its Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft in the country's Bishkek Manas International Airport was one of the reasons behind the subsequent 2005 Tulip Revolution, former Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev said.

Sep 16 09:50

Trump’s New Deal: “Hillary Offers A Welfare Check, I Will Produce Paychecks”

In terms of rhetoric, which has historically made major departures from actions, this campaign boils down the economic uncertainty that is enveloping this nation.

With millions of people out of work, worried about finding employment or facing grave doubts about a future transformed by technological labor, Trump is honing in on the most psychologically pressing issues on the minds of the real Americans in flyover country.

They are the ones who are feeling the hurt financially, not Wall Street.

It is they who must be convinced to support the government again.

Sep 16 09:49

Clinton Foundation CEO Admits To Pay-For-Play: "No Question" That "Courtesy Appointments" Were Made

Yesterday, the CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Donna Shalala, went on MSNBC and openly admitted to engaging in "pay-for-play" activities saying there is "no question" that Foundation donors received "courtesy appointments" during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. Somehow, Shalala would like for us to believe that so long as appointees weren't put in a position to impact policy decisions then there is no real issue. I guess we should just ignore that taxpayers are funding the salaries of those appointees and paying for their government-related travel all over the world while Hillary gets to accrue "political capital" and her Foundation gets to continue raking in the donations?

Shalala also seems to invoke the Donna Brazile (new DNC Chair) defense who previously told ABC that "someone who is a donor..saying I want access" isn't an issue and anyone who suggests otherwise is just attempting to "criminalize behavior that is normal"

Sep 16 09:48

A New Problem For Hillary Emerges

With Trump again surging in the polls, including key battleground states like Ohio, and having regained all the momentum from a suddenly slumping and vulnerable Hillary, the Democrats are panicking as her lead in the RealClearPolitics average has shrunk to just 1 points.

Sep 16 09:47

New poll shows Clinton and Trump nearly tied in Michigan

A month after it appeared the race for president in Michigan might be all but over, Republican Donald Trump has cut deeply into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s post-convention lead, with an exclusive new Free Press/WXYZ-TV poll showing Trump has moved closer to tying Clinton in a state that hasn't backed a Republican nominee since 1988.

Sep 16 09:44

Deutsche Bank to fight $14 billion demand from U.S. authorities

Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) said it would fight a $14 billion demand from the U.S. Department of Justice to settle claims it missold mortgage-backed securities, a shock bill that raises questions about the future of Germany's largest lender.

The claim against Deutsche, which is likely to trigger several months of talks, far exceeds the bank's expectations that the DoJ would be looking for a figure of only up to 3 billion euros ($3.4 billion).

The demand adds to the problems facing Deutsche Bank's Chief Executive John Cryan, a Briton who has been in the job for a year.

The bank only scraped through European stress tests in July and has warned it may need deeper cost cuts to turn itself around after revenue fell sharply in the second quarter due to challenging markets and low interest rates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any yet, if in fact these allegations prove true (and I do not doubt for a second that they are), there are no criminal indictments against any of the US Deutsche Bank executives who signed off on these business practices?!?

Sep 16 09:40

Pea-brained nation: New study reveals many common drugs that cause brain shrinkage

A group of common drugs used to treat allergies and other chronic health issues increase the risk of Alzheimers and dementia, according to a new study by the University of Indiana School of Medicine. The study also found that these drugs reduce the overall size of the brain as well as its metabolism if taken regularly. The drugs, known collectively as anticholinergics, are commonly prescribed for allergies, insomnia, hypertension, cardiac problems, and depression among others. Some of the most well-known brands in the US include Xanax, Zyrtec, Valium, Wellbutrin, Benadryl, Dramamine, Paxil, and Histex. You can see a comprehensive list of anticholinergic drugs implicated in this study by clicking here.

Sep 16 09:38

Leak From Biggest U.S. Gasoline Pipe Sparks ‘Red Alert’

Gasoline prices are set to jump across the eastern U.S. after a spill from the country’s largest fuel pipeline choked off supplies.
A leak in Alabama Sept. 9 shut the main gasoline pipeline delivering fuel from refineries along the Gulf Coast to 50 million Americans in states from Mississippi to New Jersey. Colonial Pipeline Co. said on Thursday it pushed back the estimate for a complete startup of its Line 1 to next week from this weekend, citing adverse weather conditions overnight that slowed the cleanup and repair.

Suppliers are moving gasoline and diesel by sea and sending trucks to distant terminals to bring fuel to consumers, but it won’t come close to the 1.3 million barrels a day that the shuttered line normally carries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, coupled with the bankruptcy of the South Korean shipping company Hanjin, is going to have a cascade effect on the delivery of goods here in the US.

If you have the ability to stock up now on some basics, you might want to do that, particularly if you live in the Eastern and Southern parts of the US.

Sep 16 09:31

DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration issue drives presidential race

Federal lawmakers seeking to pinpoint the number of illegal immigrants who successfully sneak across the southern border ordered up a report from the Department of Homeland Security, but the agency refuses to release it and instead cites a misleading statistic that overstates the number who are nabbed, sources told Fox News.

DHS denied it is holding back the report, but sources say it was completed in November and that it shows roughly half of adults who attempt to cross the border make it - approximately 250,000 in total.

But that number is at odds with DHS’ official estimates. The agency claims authorities catch 80 percent of adults trying to sneak in, but critics say the figure is padded to make it appear border security is more effective than it really is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Obama Administration simply lies about everything, or withholds evidence when the information doesn't suit their narrative; this is why you cannot believe anything in this administration says, ever.

And perhaps the most ironic statement comes further down in the article with the following remark:

"“It erodes the trust as to whether the administration is being honest with the American people about what the threat is,” said Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., who serves on the Committee on Homeland Security and chairs the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee.

Representative McSally, apparently, you have not received the memo: the American people do not trust the American government on ANYTHING, and it is a status which the US government has earned, by the lies, the corruption, and the double-dealing in which it indulges every day, 24/7

Sep 16 09:26

Berkeley Suspends Palestine Class Midway Through Semester

A University of California, Berkeley class, ‘Palestine: A Settler-Colonial Analysis’, was suspended after Chancellor Nicholas Dirks determined that the student teaching the course had not followed the appropriate procedures for its approval.

The one-credit student-taught class has become the center of a bitter debate. The class was meant to teach the history of Palestine “from the 1880s to the present, through the lens of settler colonialism,” its syllabus once read, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The syllabus has since been removed.

Sep 16 09:24

90-year-old Florida man arrested for second time in a week after feeding the homeless again

When 90-year-old Florida resident Arnold Abbott said following his arrest on Sunday that police couldn’t stop him from feeding the homeless, he apparently meant it.

Abbott was charged again on Wednesday night for violating a new city law in Ft. Lauderdale that essentially prevents people from feeding the homeless.

“I expected it" he said in a Sun Sentinel report. “At least this time they let us feed people first.”

Officers lingered in the area for about 45 minutes during which time Abbott and volunteers with the Love Thy Neighbor charity he founded handed out more than 100 plates of hot chicken stew, pasta, cheesy potatoes and fruit salad to homeless men and women.

If he’s found guilty of violating city ordinance laws — his second in a week — he faces 60 days in jail or a $500 fine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obviously, the city of Ft. Lauderdale ( in its infinite absence of wisdom) is completely, and thoroughly impotent to fix the problems of homelessness and hunger in their city; so naturally, officials decided the best way of "curing the problem" was to criminalize the feeding of the homeless!!

Smooth move there, city officials, congrats!

Because now, you have identified Ft. Lauderdale as "The City that Can't!", when it comes to resolving intense urban social problems, and the speculation that every City Council member here had their conscience surgically removed before taking office has, sadly, proven true.

My heart and my head are with Arnold Abbott, and his brother and sister volunteers at the Love Thy Neighbor charity.

May they ultimately be absolved, and may the city of Ft. Lauderdale find a more compassionate way of dealing with its hungry and homeless, many of whom are in this situation through absolutely no fault of their own.

Sep 16 09:24

The Mainstream Media Bet the Farm on Hillary--and Lost

The MSM has forsaken its duty in a democracy and is a disgrace to investigative, unbiased journalism.

Sep 16 09:23

FBI Agent Posing as Journalist to Deliver Malware to Suspect Was Fine, Says DOJ

In 2007, an FBI agent impersonated an Associated Press journalist in order to deliver malware to a criminal suspect and find out his location. According to a newly published report from the Department of Justice, the operation was in line with the FBI's undercover policies at the time.

Journalistic organisations had expressed concern that the tactic could undermine reporters’ and media institutions’ credibility.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Too late!

Sep 16 09:22

US aid to Israel ‘meaningless,’ to be used against Palestine: Analyst

The recent military deal between the United States and Israel is meaningless in that it will return to America’s pockets in exchange for more weapons that will be used against Palestinians, says E. Michael Jones, a political analyst in Indiana.

Sep 16 09:10


The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced this week it is seeking proposals for its Aerial Dragnet program, a new initiative that seeks to monitor drones flying below 1,000 feet in large cities.

The program seeks to map small drones in urban terrain using innovative technologies that would provide persistent, wide-area surveillance, the agency said in a statement.

While Aerial Dragnet's focus is on protecting military troops in overseas urban settings, the system could also find civilian applications to help protect U.S. metropolitan areas from drone-enabled terrorist threats.

The need for a comprehensive tracking system has increased as off-the-shelf drones become less expensive, easier to fly and more adaptable to terrorist and military needs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, DARPA is looking at this for US urban surveillance?!?

And since when have the protections afforded by the Constitution and Bill of Rights been "chucked" for what is known as "Code Napoleon Law", where a suspect is automatically considered guilty before proven innocent?!?

I frankly do not remember that having happened, at least in terms of the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And what about the potential danger of small drones, and the capability of arming them?!?

As reported in breakingdefense.com in June of last year:

“We’re seeing capabilities that were previously the monopoly of major military powers are now accessible…to non-state actors, even individuals,” said Kelley Sayler. She’s an associate fellow at Center for a New American Security and author of a report out this morning, “A World of Proliferated Drones.” (CNAS provided us a copy in advance). “There’s been a lot of discussion around town, particularly as relates to drones in the national security space about high-end drones,” Sayler told me. “We didn’t really see there being discussion on the range of systems that are available…particularly given the availability of low-end systems, hobbyist drones, even commercial drones.” The biggest danger in the medium term: swarming technology. As drones get not only smarter but cheaper, an enterprising adversary could buy a bunch and release them all at once, with the drones using insect-like artificial intelligence to converge on their target. Lots of little threats carrying lots of little bombs can add up quickly. “Particularly if you’re looking at systems that can truly navigate autonomously, using those systems en masse is going to enable you to neutralize a much larger target,” Sayler said, “[and] it’s going to be more difficult to defend against because some of the lower end solutions like shooting the thing out with a shotgun might not necessarily be feasible.” “Drones will enable airborne IEDs [improvised explosive devices] that can actively seek out US forces, rather than passively lying in wait,” Sayler wrote in the report. “Indeed, low-cost drones may lead to a paradigm shift in ground warfare for the United States, ending more than a half-century…in which US ground forces have not had to fear attacks from the air.”

So the question I want to ask DARPA is as follows: since when have my brother and sister Americans, and peaceful legal immigrants become "the bad guys", in desperate need of surveillance, or perhaps, extrajudicial assassinations, as are used in Afghanistan and Iraq?!?

To say that I am profoundly disappointed in this kind of thinking by my government, is like saying that the Titanic hit a little ice!

Sep 16 09:09

Numerous witness accounts are in direct conflict with the officer’s version of events.

Did we pick today to start accepting the official narrative ?

Attorney Statement from the Family of #TyreKing

Calling for an Independent Party Investigation of the 13 year old's Shooting Death By Columbus, Ohio Police