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June 18, 2018

Jun 18 06:49

Russia holds less US debt than Bermuda after dumping half its holdings

Moscow will continue dumping US debt, according to analysts who spoke to RT. Latest US Treasury Department data shows Russia cut its holdings by half in April.

That month, Russia sold $47.4 billion out of the $96.1 billion held in March. The latest statistics released by the US Treasury on Friday showed that, Russia had only $48.7 billion investment in American debt, dropping from 16th to the 22nd place of major foreign holders of US T-bills. Russia now holds less US debt than the small island nation of Bermuda.

Jun 18 06:46

Will Tesla miss its Model 3 targets yet again? Elon Musk tells employees that ‘radical improvements’ are needed in the next two weeks if the firm is to hit its production goals

Musk made the warning in a company-wide email sent out late on Friday night in which he said he will be at 'Fremont factory almost 24/7 for the next several days.'

His aim is to hit a Model 3 production rate of 5,000 vehicles a week.

Tesla originally planned to hit that target by the end of 2017.

The six month delay in reaching its goal has hurt the company stock price, frustrated early customers, and spurred a plot among some investors to oust Elon Musk as chairman.

Musk has said Tesla is currently building ‘above 500’ vehicles a day – about 200 vehicles fewer than is needed to hit its production target.

Jun 18 06:45

Curiosity sends back a stunning selfie in the middle of a massive dust storm on Mars that has engulfed the red planet and crippled the Opportunity rover

An incredible image of Nasa's Curiosity Rover taken against the backdrop of a raging dust storm on Mars covering more than a quarter of the planet has been sent back to Earth.

The rover’s self-portrait was taken almost six years into its mission, from its current location in the Gale Crater, a 96-mile-wide (154 kilometres) valley once thought to have been a huge lake.

However, a thick haze of particles obscures the mountains and rocky outcroppings that should be visible in the background of the snapshot.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 18 05:40

5 dead after SUV being chased by Border Patrol crashes

Authorities said five undocumented immigrants are dead following a chase involving Border Patrol agents Sunday afternoon.

June 17, 2018

Jun 17 23:41

5 Reasons Why You Should Conceal Carry

The best way to make sure you’re always protected today is to carry a gun. Chances are you’re reading this because you’re on the fence about concealed carry. Not only should you carry for your own protection, but you should carry because it’s your right with the 2nd amendment.

Jun 17 23:35

Second FBI Informant Tried To Entrap Trump Campaign With $2 Million Offer For Hillary Dirt

Trump campaign aides Roger Stone and Michael Caputo say that a meeting Stone took in late May, 2016 with a Russian appears to have been an “FBI sting operation” in hindsight, following bombshell reports in May that the DOJ/FBI used a longtime FBI/CIA asset, Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, to perform espionage on the Trump campaign.

Jun 17 21:14

Trump to Europoodles: “Roll Over. Bark. Beg…Crawl.: With a Korean Preface

I don’t get it. I know, I know, I’m just some mutt in Mexico with a computer, and easily puzzled. But…huh? Trump, we are told, pulled off a master stroke in Singapore. All the world reels at this astonishment. We see Talleyrand and Metternich rolled into one gorgeous taco. But…but….

Who did the doing, and who got done?

Jun 17 20:49


The proposed Israeli law that would ban the filming of soldiers carrying out their duties is problematic from a constitutional standpoint which may prevent its enactment, says Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit.

Jun 17 20:47


The last report issued in 2013 by the Department of Justice (Vaccine Court), for compensation made by the Health and Human Services for people injured or killed by vaccines, was released in December 2013, covering the period of 8/16/2013 through 11/15/2013. There were 139 claims settled during this time period, with 70 of them being compensated. So, just over 50% of the claims filed for vaccine damages were compensated during this period.

Jun 17 20:42


On June 19th, Julian Assange will mark the sixth year since he entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, seeking refuge from the efforts of the US and UK governments to persecute him in retaliation for his journalistic work as Editor-In-Chief of WikiLeaks.

Jun 17 20:41

Bitcoin could break the internet, warns the BIS

The Bank for International Settlements just told the cryptocurrency world it's not ready for prime time - and as far as mainstream financial services go, may never be.
The BIS, an 88-year-old institution in Basel, Switzerland, that serves as a central bank for other central banks, said cryptocurrencies are too unstable, consume too much electricity, and are subject to too much manipulation and fraud to ever serve as bona fide mediums of exchange in the global economy. It cited the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and its imitators are created, transacted, and accounted for on a distributed network of computers - as a fundamental flaw rather than a key strength

Jun 17 20:26

Russia dumps half of its US Treasury bonds

In just one month, Russia proceeded to sell $47.4 billion out of the $96.1 billion the country had in US treasury bonds in March. The latest statistics released by the US Treasury Department on Friday showed that, in April, Russia had only $48.7bn in American assets, occupying 22nd place on the list of “major foreign holders of Treasury securities.”

China, which holds the most US Treasury bonds, also sold off some seven billion-worth of its American assets, from March to April, and now has $1.18 trillion invested in securities. Japan, which is positioned second on the list, in the same timeframe sold off some $12 billion, leaving just over a trillion dollars in US coffers. Ireland, which had $300.4 billion in April also managed to ditch over $17 billion in US assets.

Jun 17 19:29

The Movement Has Started, The Clock Is Ticking Down, Tick Tock

George Soros buys stock in the NY Times and other publications, looks like he wants to control the propaganda. US resumes funding the White Helmets, the question is why now. Russia is reporting that the deep state is preparing another false flag in Syria, is this a coincidence or planned.

Jun 17 18:36

Flashback: Gardasil Victims Awarded Nearly $6 Million

“There are about 30 to 40 types of HPV that can affect the genital area. And, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 6 million new cases of genital HPV infections* in the United States each year.”

Wow, 6 million? That’s a big number. Sounds like bad odds, doesn’t it?

The statistics that Merck fails to include are the facts that, by the time we are 30 years old, nearly everyone who is sexually active will have been exposed to at least one HPV strain, and 90 percent of those cases clear up on their own without any symptoms in two years or less.

Jun 17 18:34

I want my daughter's life back the way it was before Gardasil

My daughter turned 15 in February of 2015. Once she had lots of friends and participated in many activities both in school and at home. She did Irish dancing from 4 years of age, played football for her parish and county, and was awarded 2nd place in the world handwriting competition. She was great in school. In short, she was healthy, active and happy.

All of that changed shortly after she got her first injection of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil in October 2012.

By November she started having seizures. Since then she has had chest pains, vision problems, non-epileptic seizures, low blood pressure, inflammation of the stomach and small bowel, reflux, is very tired and has no energy. She has a pulse rate that can go up to 216 just walking 10 feet, or 178 sitting down. She has been told so many things by doctors in the last 2 1/2 years that she does not even want to go near them anymore.

Jun 17 18:29

Vaccines May Induce Seizures

The presence of girls suffering from adverse effects of cervical cancer vaccine was revealed gradually from the beginning of 2013. The Nationwide Liaison Association of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Victims and Parents was organized by efforts of Toshie Ikeda, Mika Matsufuji and members of municipal assembly on Mar 25, 2013.

Parents of vaccine victims called our health minister on April 8. During the press conference after that, videos in which girls are suffering from walking disturbances, tic of the body, absence seizure and choreic movement was presented.

June 14 2013, JVRRC decided to suspend the recommendation for HPV vaccination.

Owl 1
Jun 17 18:27

Gardasil Vaccine: One More Girl Dead

The sudden death of a 12-year-old girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just hours after receiving the HPV Gardasil vaccine has shocked the girl’s family, and sent local media out asking questions as to how this could happen. Here is a report from WISN 12 News.

Dr. Geoffrey Swain of the local health department was interviewed to give the standard CDC reply, which is similar to almost every other vaccine, stating that severe reactions like this resulting in death are “very rare,” and about “1 out of a million”.

Assuming that there is some data to back up the claim of only “1 out of a million,” how many doses of the HPV vaccine are administered every year? According to the latest statistics (July 2014) published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services here (page 7), over 9 million per year. So the government admits that at least 9 girls per year are killed by the HPV vaccine.

Jun 17 18:25

A Ruined Life from Gardasil

Life is quite different than it was six years ago, before Gardasil. Six years ago Alexis was a normal 14 year old. Starting to wear make-up and get interested in boys…working hard in school and enjoying honor roll. She had her whole life ahead of her and now she spends every day in a living hell filled with pain and misery, begging to be better, begging everyone to pray for her.

Six years ago, before Gardasil, life was very different.

Jun 17 18:07

Yards from the £700m Olympic Stadium, a tribe of homeless people live in a mall, fenced off from shoppers: Could there be a starker insight into the divide between Britain's haves and have-nots?

Jun 17 16:20

Grieving father Aaron Cockman reveals motive behind Margaret River massacre

On May 11, 2018, Aaron Cockman lost his all four of children after their grandfather shot them in their sleep before killing himself.

In an emotional interview on Channel 7's Sunday Night, the grieving father opened up about Australia's worst mass shooting since the Port Arthur massacre and explains the circumstances he believe led his former father-in-law, Peter Miles, to kill his family.

Meanwhile neighbour Felicity Haynes said Peter Miles was being treated for depression: "It was known that he was seeking psychological help and psychologists had prescribed antidepressants."

She said Cynda Miles was showing the strain when she returned for visiting her son Neil in hospital and had said there were "other things happening at home".

"I do think she was referring to the fact that Peter was being fairly irrational," Haynes said.

Jun 17 16:15

The Fed Tightening Into A Recession

Jun 17 15:33

Israeli ministers approve bill to ban filming of IDF actions, despite opposition of Attorney General

A controversial bill that criminalizes filming IDF soldiers has been advanced by an Israeli government committee. The Israeli Attorney General, however, said it would not withstand a constitutional review in its current form.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation, which determines the coalition government’s position on all pending bills, has green-lighted the legislation, which envisages penalties of up to five years in prison for anyone filming or publishing footage showing Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with an aim to “harm [soldiers’] spirits.” It is to be debated in the parliament this week. However, Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit said he considers the bill to be “problematic” from a legal point of view, adding that he would not be able to defend it in court.

Jun 17 12:20

Parents face $132,000 claim after kid knocks over sculpture

Jun 17 11:14

World Cup 2018 – Glam Russian fans vow to support England against Tunisia despite poisoning row

GLAMOROUS Russian fans have vowed to support England as they prepare to kick-off their World Cup campaign tomorrow.

Despite warnings of “anti-British sentiment” following the Skripal poisoning row and fears over Russian hooligans, England fans have so far been afforded a warm welcome – with some locals even backing the Three Lions.

Jun 17 11:05

Family of metro murder victim says suspect in WyCo deputy shooting could have been stopped

The DA and the judge in Wyandotte County Kansas let this monster go repeatedly! He has killed probably 2-3 other people besides the deputies!

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- As the families of the two Wyandotte County deputies shot Friday in KCK mourn the loss of one and pray for the second, an Overland Park family is grieving along with them.

Antoine Fielder is a name the family of 22-year-old Kelsey Ewonus has heard way too many times for way too long. The first time was in 2015 when Fielder was charged with murdering their daughter.

Jun 17 10:39


Jun 17 10:12

World Cup goal celebrations ‘cause earthquake’ in Mexico City

Hirving Lozano’s goal for Mexico against Germany in their World Cup game in Moscow reportedly caused a mini-earthquake back home in Mexico City as raucous fans celebrated.

Mexico’s Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Research reported an increase in seismic activity at exactly the moment Lozano scored in the 35th minute of the game against reigning champions Germany – sparking mass celebrations among the thousands in the stadium in Moscow and the millions watching back home.

Jun 17 10:10

US-Turkey row: American lawmakers urge Mattis to immediately halt ‘inconceivable’ sale of F-35s

A group of US congressmen has urged Defense Secretary James Mattis to scrap F-35 sales to Turkey, over national security concerns about the NATO ally’s plan to buy Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system, despite Washington’s pressure.

Jun 17 10:10

"LOW RISK TRAVELER" SENTRI Card Holder Busted Smuggling $364,000 Worth Of Cocaine From Mexico In His Spare Tire

The U.S. government's SENTRI website states "The SENTRI Card allows low risk travelers to expedite their border crossing by using the SENTRI kiosks. The kiosks are located at the southern land border between Mexico and the USA. The SENTRI program is an initiative of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). SENTRI membership is voluntary; applicants of all ages must submit an application, which is then vetted by CBP to determine each applicants low risk status. Applicants who pass the background and security checks and a face-to-face are deemed low risk trusted travelers and may join the program. Membership lasts 5 years after which time the applicant must reapply."

Jun 17 10:08

2 injured as woman with box cutter attacks people in French store, reportedly shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’

A woman shouting “Allahu Akbar” has attacked and injured two people at a supermarket in La Seyne-sur-Mer, southeastern France. She has been taken into custody and is being checked for terrorist links.

A 60-year-old customer was stabbed in the chest with a box cutter knife, while a female employee, working at a checkout counter, was wounded in the eye on Sunday morning. The victims were taken to hospital, with their injuries described as non-life-threatening.

The attacker, who was dressed in black and wore a veil, was subdued by the supermarket staff and later handed over to the police.

Jun 17 10:02


A global shortage of sand is prompting black-market gangs to steal large amounts from rivers and beaches. Scientists are warning that the global supply of sand is slipping through our fingers. Statistics show that worldwide, we go through 50 billion tons of sand every year – twice the amount produced by every river in the world during the same period.

Jun 17 10:02

Titanic search was US 'front for Cold War mission'

The search which uncovered the wreckage of the Titanic was a front for a secret US mission to recover two Cold War submarines.

The expedition in 1985 was led by a former US naval intelligence officer, Dr Robert Ballard.

He said he had been tasked by President Ronald Reagan to carry out the search for the two lost submarines.

Dr Ballard said that "conveniently between the two (submarines) was the wreckage of the Titanic."

Jun 17 10:01

Kaspersky Lab halts European cybercrime work

Computer security firm Kaspersky Lab has halted all cyber-crime collaboration with European agencies and organisations.

The decision is in protest against a European Parliament motion which called its software "malicious".

Kaspersky Lab said the accusation was "untrue" and demonstrated a "distinct lack of respect".

The row comes after the US and UK took steps to remove Kaspersky software from some government systems.

Jun 17 10:00

Tesla on fire: UK director Michael Morris' car bursts into flames

A Tesla car driven by British TV director Michael Morris burst into flames in Los Angeles, his US actress wife has said.

Mary McCormack tweeted a dramatic video of the incident earlier this week.

"No accident, out of the blue, in traffic on Santa Monica Blvd. Thank you to the kind couple who flagged him down and told him to pull over," she wrote.

No-one was injured. Tesla said it was investigating "an extraordinarily unusual occurrence".

Tesla says its electric vehicles are less likely to catch fire than fuel-powered cars.

Jun 17 09:49

US issues list of 47 demands to North Korea

It would seem that the manner in which the denuclearization of North Korea must be performed before sanctions may be lifted has been determined by Washington.

The Japanese Foreign Minister, Taro Kono, describes a list of demands which was delivered to Pyongyang by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his visit.

As to whether these demands have been agreed upon by Kim’s regime isn’t included in the statement.

Security guarantees on Washington’s part have not yet been hammered out, and the precise meaning of Washington’s promise not to attempt to topple the regime is lacking in detail.

Jun 17 09:10

Doubted at home, bypassed abroad: is Merkel’s reign nearing a frustrated end?

As the row in her coalition deepens over migration, a once dominant figure is starting to look forlorn

Owl 2
Jun 17 09:09

Increasing Headwinds for Angela Merkel

Just a few months ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was being described as the new leader of the free world. But recently she has been having trouble getting her way even in Berlin and Europe. Her days of dominance appear to be over.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And all over that open borders agenda!

Jun 17 09:09

BEX ALERT - Leaked Video: IDF General Warns Iran Is Preparing to Attack Israel from Syria

Leaked video from a meeting between Israel’s head of Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Tamir Hyman, and a number of foreign security ministers shows him warning them that Iran’s presence in Syria isn’t meant to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s battle against terrorists, but instead to threaten Israel.

Hyman showed the crowd of foreign security officials a map of suspected Iranian bases in Syria. The leaked video wasn't of a high-enough quality to pick it up, but it "showed them spread throughout the country," according to the Times of Israel. The video was shot apparently in secret at a homeland security conference held in Jerusalem by Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan during the week of June 11.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why would Iran do something that foolish?

Jun 17 09:05

Fury at the World Cup's vuvuzela playing bear: Russian fans parade musical grizzly through the streets of Moscow after 5-0 trashing of Saudi Arabia

Disturbing footage of an abused bear being forced to play the vuvuzela has caused outrage.

Video has emerged online of a bear blowing the horn in the back of a jeep being driven through Moscow.

The clip is believed to have been captured after Russia's thrashing against Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the World Cup.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More anti-Russia spin from the corporate media.

Jun 17 09:03

Viking Thunderclap mesmerises Moscow: Dedicated Iceland supporters perform signature ritual against Argentina as a TENTH of the island's 330,000 population travel to Russia

Iceland supporters have won over their fellow football fans in Russia at the Moscow World Cup by performing their signature Viking thunderclap in their debut against Argentina.

Fans formed a sea of blue t-shirts and novelty viking hats as they waved and cheers in the stands for the Group D match at the Spartak Stadium this evening.

In a witty meeting with international media on Friday, Iceland coach Heimir Hallgrimsson began by welcoming the room in Russian, praised his team's hosts and its first opponent, then disarmed his inquisitors by heading off the usual question about his day job.

Jun 17 09:02

Wojtek the Soldier Bear - WWII

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This short video is dedicated to the memory of a very extraordinary animal. A little Syrian Brown Bear abandoned by his mother and rescued by a group of men who had also lost everything. Together, the men and the bear would travel across the Middle East, and fight at Monte Cassino. The men of the Polish II Corps would name the little bear cub Wojtek (roughly meaning little warrior or happy warrior). Eventually the bear was formally enlisted into the British Army as a Private. This ensured that when the Poles were deployed to Italy from North Africa the bear would go too. Serving with a transport company Wojtek travelled Allied supply lines, usually sitting upfront in the driver's cab. Mimicking his comrades, Wojtek would occasionally help load and unload trucks, and move supplies. The bear's great strength meant that he could easily carry ammunition crates and artillery shells, which he did under fire during the last battle for Monte Cassino in the summer of 1944. Wojtek's supply company adopted the image of a bear carrying an artillery shell as the unit insignia. After the war, the Poles returned to the UK for demobilisation. Sadly, none of the men or the army was in a position to home an adult bear. Finally, Wojtek was re-homed in Edinburgh zoo, where he lived out the rest of his days. He died in 1963, aged 22. Beloved by his comrades, Wojtek was playful, mischievous, inquisitive, intelligent, loyal and brave.

Jun 17 08:59

Merkel Wants to Hold Urgent Summit With EU States on Migration Issues - Reports

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to hold an urgent summit dedicated to the migration crisis and to discuss this issue with a group of the EU member states, local media reported.

The Bild newspaper reported Saturday citing own sources in the leadership of several EU countries that Merkel would like to discuss migration-related issues with leadership of Austria, Greece, and Italy.

According to the media outlet, a final decision about the date of the summit has not been made yet, however it could take place later in the month.

Jun 17 08:59

'Merkel could be out by NEXT WEEK!': German MP claims Chancellor could lose her job as she REFUSES to back down on 'open-door' migrant policy

Angela Merkel could be ousted as Chancellor by next week if she doesn't come up with a plan for the migrant crisis, a German MP claims.

Kai Whittaker, a member of Ms Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, said infighting could weaken the ruling coalition and make her position untenable.

Ms Merkel is at war with her Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who wants Germany to send back migrants who have registered in other EU countries.

Jun 17 08:58

Pope Francis says having an abortion after pre-natal tests such as Down's Syndrome screenings is 'the same thing as Nazis pursuing a pure race'

Pope Francis declared having an abortion after finding birth defects in an unborn child was just as bad as the Nazi eugenics program.

Ditching his prepared remarks to a meeting of an Italian family association, Francis spoke from the heart with off-the-cuff comments.

He lamented how some couples chose not to have any children, and others resorted to pre-natal testing to see if their baby had any malformations or genetic problems.

Jun 17 08:57


Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., made a bolder suggestion, raising the possibility of implementing canonical penalties for Catholics “who are involved in this,” referring to children being separated from their families at the border. Canonical penalties can range from denial of sacraments to excommunication, though Weisenburger did not specify what he intended beyond referring to sanctions that already exist for “life issues.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think this violates the terms of the church's tax exempt status.

And let us not forget that the ultimate blame for this rests, not with Donald Trump, but with those people coming across the border illegally.

Jun 17 08:53

"There's F**king No One Else"; DNC Strategist Laments Over Broken Party; "Bill Clinton Toxic, Carter Too Old"

Following a Monday report that President Obama is "secretly" meeting with top Democratic contenders for the 2020 election, The Hill notes that desperate Democrats beset with Clinton fatigue are freaking out over the fact that the much "blue wave" appears to be crashing on the rocks, and there's nobody around to salvage the party ahead of midterms and the 2020 election.

Jun 17 08:53

‘Thank God for Russia!’ Remembering when London & Moscow were allies

In the present geopolitical climate, the idea of a pact between the UK and Russia seems far-fetched to say the least. But in the summer of 1941 the two did come together against a common foe.

What lessons can be learned from the ‘Anglo-Russian agreement’ which played a key part in the defeat of Nazi Germany?

Jun 17 08:52

Nosey neighbors: Austria demands Germany come clean on alleged massive state-level spying

Austria has urged Berlin to “clarify” allegations of large-scale surveillance conducted by German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in the early 2000s, following a damning report on German spying activities in Austrian media.
“There must be no such thing among friendly states,” Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, at an extraordinary press conference in Vienna on Saturday.

According to a report, published by Profil magazine on Friday, from 1999 to 2006 BND carried out surveillance operations based on some 2,000 so-called “selectors” – keywords for search, such as names, phone numbers, e-mails and others. The information on the spying activities is based on an internal BND database, provided by a German source, the report states.

Owl 3
Jun 17 08:52

Trump at G7: "All Terrorists Live in Paris", Juncker a "Brutal Killer" - Reports

Participants of the G7 meeting reportedly had a hard time restraining themselves when the US President shared his insights on migration and terrorism with the French President, threatened to send the Japanese Prime Minister 25 million Mexicans and slammed the European Commission President during talks in Canada.

A senior EU official summed up his behind-the-scenes experience at the meeting of the leaders of the world’s most powerful developed economies in Canada on June 8-9 by telling the Wall Street Journal:

“A sense of irritation with Mr. Trump could be felt, but everyone tried to be rational and calm."

Jun 17 08:51

Chinese Paper Says British Navy is Only Attention Seeking Over South China Plan

Plans by Britain to sail a Royal Navy warship through the disputed South China Sea later this year is merely an attention-seeking exercise, according to China's state media that could have potentially damaging trade implications between the two countries.

China has now responded to the news that the UK plans to sail its anti-submarine Type 23 frigate, HMS Sutherland, will make the passage on her return from Australia later this year to assert freedom of navigation rights and challenge Beijing‘s increasing dominance in the region.

In an article in the widely read state-run tabloid Global Times, published in its English and Chinese-language editions, it warned: "If not provocation, the Royal Navy should behave modestly when passing through the South China Sea. By acting tough against China, Britain's Ministry of Defense is trying to validate its existence and grab attention."

Jun 17 08:51

Fatal Flaw Reportedly Paralyzes the 'Backbone of the British Royal Navy'

A number of Britain’s top-notch warships ended up spending more time docked than at sea due to their temperature-sensitive engines.

The six Type 45 guided missile destroyers which comprise “the backbone of the Royal Navy” spent the majority of 2017 at the dock awaiting an expensive refit, which is only expected to begin in 2020, The Daily Mail reports.

"HMS Dragon spent 309 days in Portsmouth last year, followed by HMS Daring with 232 days and HMS Diamond with 203. HMS Duncan spent the most time at sea, but was still in dock for 197 days. From January to March this year, HMS Daring, HMS Dauntless and HMS Defender have not left port," the newspaper stated.

Jun 17 08:49

Koreans Want Peace, Do Liberal Pundits Want War?

In decrying the Singapore summit and Trump’s freeze on U.S. military exercises, liberal pundits are ignoring popular opinion and years of peace activism in South Korea, says Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ

Jun 17 08:48

ARE YOU REALLY THE PRESIDENT!? Putin Meets "The Most Interesting Human Being In The World!"

Jun 17 08:43

Cops Caught Injecting Powerful Sedative They Classify As ‘Date Rape Drug’ into Dozens of Suspects

Ketamine, the tranquilizer that is being used, has been popular in the club scene for years and has recently seen limited therapeutic research and use for a number of psychological ailments, including depression. Despite the fact that it is a “party drug,” Ketamine is an extremely strong dissociative, which can severely impair memory and make it difficult for people to move.

For this reason, the Minneapolis Police Department manual classifies Ketamine as a “date rape” drug, despite the fact that it is a well-known and popular party drug that large numbers of people do voluntarily, on their own free will. However, the fact that the department considers this a “date rape” drug, makes it even more alarming that they are involuntarily dosing suspects with this substance when they have not even been charged with a crime.

Jun 17 08:42

BLM Agents Open Fire on Innocent Couple, Shoot Woman Because ATV Drove Near Restricted Area

The couple was exploring the deserts of Joshua Tree National Park when their ATV got a flat tire. They said that because they did not have a spare, they were traveling much slower than they would if they had four properly inflated tires. At around 11:00 p.m. on June 10, they came face to face with federal agents whom the Mejias said immediately opened fire on them. In a hail of bullets, Denise was struck in the head and hand before BLM agents ceased fire. Predictably, police are telling a different story.

A press release issued by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, who is investigating the shooting, claimed that the Mejias were in a restricted area and failed to heed BLM officer commands to stop:

(A) Bureau of Land Management officer attempted to stop an off-road vehicle and an officer involved shooting occurred.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder what the Federal government is hiding out in Joshua Tree National Park, and why any portion of a National Park would be off limits to the public?

Jun 17 08:40

Stu Smallwood on why South Korea must leave the American Orbit to achieve lasting peace

Stu Smallwood joins Scott to discuss his article “For Lasting Peace, President Moon Must Lead South Korea Out of America’s Orbit.” Smallwood says that first we have to consider the perspective of the South Koreans and understand how the corruption of the previous South Korean regime led to a political awakening that has affected South Korean popular views toward the North. Smallwood then shares the backstory of President Moon Jae-in and how his unlikely rise as president for peace. Finally Smallwood makes the case that South Korea realistically can continue the peace deal with the North, even in the United States ultimately backs out—and that Moon Jae-in’s political legacy will rest on the decision.

Jun 17 08:12

Dawson Bishai talk Syria 1 of 2 False flag coming?

1 Korea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYsxWXnLdIE
2 Syria 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kz-y8LPf-k
3 Palestine 1
5 Iran
6 Syria 2
7 Palestine 2
8 September 11th

Jun 17 06:51

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

“We are used to thinking very highly of democracy – and by extension, of Ancient Athens, the civilisation that gave rise to it. The Parthenon has become almost a byword for democratic values, which is why so many leaders of democracies like to be photographed among its ruins…”
Note: Almost 3 million views.

Jun 17 06:25

Bin Ladens cave accouding to lying Rumsfeld

Video: Donald Rumsfeld on Meet the Press describing Bin Ladens many underground lairs.

Jun 17 06:21

Why the US will never say sorry for destroying Iraq

A new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center has found that 43 percent of Americans still believe that invading Iraq was the right decision. Let that sink in for a minute: almost half of Americans still believe that an illegal war, based on doctored intelligence and entirely debunked claims, which resulted in almost immeasurable death and destruction, was the right thing to do, morally, politically, or otherwise ... Back to Iraq. A survey conducted for the National Geographic Society in 2006 found that 63 percent of Americans aged 18-24 could not locate Iraq on a map. This is astonishing, given that the US has fought two wars there since 1990 and occupied the country for close to a decade.
Note: The cost is now TRILLIONS, not billions.

Jun 17 06:15

Israel continues to wag the dog for Middle Eastern wars

Israel's fingerprints are all over American interventionism, reflecting Jewish power in the United States and the presence of a plethora of well-funded Israel-centric lobbies, think tanks and media outlets ... Israel is not at all shy about what it wants to happen, namely a war in Syria targeting both Damascus and Tehran, leading to a much bigger war with the Iranians. Fought by Uncle Sam, to be sure, as Jewish lives are far too precious to waste ... Syria is only part of a much larger problem. It is remarkable the extent to which Israeli concerns dominate those of the United States, which now has a foreign policy that often is not even remotely connected to actual U.S. interests.

Jun 17 06:12

The Iraq War: In the beginning was the lie

What we do know for sure is that the rationale for going to war was based on lies ... US Secretary of State Colin Powell giving his speech to the UN Security Council on February 5, 2003. Six weeks before the war began, Powell spent 76 minutes influencing international public opinion in favor of war. The core of his speech was that Saddam Hussein possessed biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, that his regime was supporting international terrorism, and that it aimed to build nuclear weapons ... We remember Powell's speech primarily because all of these claims turned out to be false. In 2005 Powell himself described the speech as a lasting "blot" on his career.

Jun 17 06:10

he Truth about Oil and the Iraq War, 15 Years Later

The more I learned the more I realized that there was an oil agenda and I was just an unknowing participant. The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel. The players were the neoconservatives in the Bush Administration, their favorite Iraqi - Dr Ahmed Chalabi and the Israeli government. One of the motives was because Israel was paying a huge premium for its oil imports and this premium had just started in the late1990s. The agenda called for the reopening of the old Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline and its significant expansion. When this pipeline plan became unattainable in the second half of 2003 then Chalabi took other actions to get inexpensive Iraqi oil to Israel.

Jun 17 06:06

Warren Buffett helps Israel sell $80 million in bonds at Omaha dinner

Warren Buffett hosted a dinner in Omaha [Nebraska] this week for investors who bought $80 million worth of Israel Bonds, a source of revenue for a country where Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has a major investment. The dinner at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center was the second time Buffett has helped the Israeli group, the Development Corporation for Israel, formed in 1951 to raise money to build Israel's economy ... In 2016, Buffett hosted a dinner in Omaha with about 50 investors who bought $60 million in bonds. This year, about 70 investors from the U.S. and Canada attended the dinner, with each buying at least $1 million in bonds. Also attending were Shai Babad, director of Israel's Finance Ministry; Danny Danon, Israel's permanent representative to the United Nations ...
Note: Buffett, just another loyal American raising funds for Israel.

Jun 17 03:14

Justin Trudeau Accused of Groping Young Reporter in 2000

Oh dear, Mr Sanctimonious is a groper. Like Father Like Son

The Canadian Libertatian gives him a proper roasting :)

Jun 16 18:29

Teacher Fed Up With Students Swearing, Stealing, And Destroying Property Speaks Out

Fed Up Ohio Teacher Unleashes On Commission: Unruly Students Swear At Faculty, Steal Supplies And Destroy Property

Jun 16 18:10

Toxic Secrets: Professor ‘bragged about burying bad science’ on 3M chemicals

Dr Fardin Oliaei did not pause when asked whether 3M’s studies on the chemicals could be trusted, responding “of course not”.
.... She alleges she was blocked from conducting her research and eventually forced out of her job, at a time when the agency was headed by Commissioner Sheryl Corrigan, a former high-ranking 3M manager.
“The reality is this is a game, a dirty game of survival, of big industry,” said Dr Oliaei, who settled a whistleblower lawsuit filed in the federal court. “Seeing other scientists who lose their dignity and sleep in the same bed with this dirty corrupted industry? It’s heartbreaking.
Toxic Secrets: The town that 3M built - where kids are dying of cancer

Jun 16 18:03

The Case Of Wilbur Ross' Phantom $2 Billion

Ross' appointment as secretary of commerce came with one catch: He had to disclose his assets, providing evidence that he was not as rich as he had long claimed. In 2015, he sent Forbes a detailed breakdown of his supposed holdings,......for a fanciful total of $3.4 billion, according to notes taken at the time. We eventually listed him at $2.9 billion. Last year, Ross' assistant claimed $3.7 billion; we stuck with $2.9 billion.

His former colleagues saw the moment of reckoning coming as soon as he accepted a Cabinet role. "It was surprising because he would have to reveal to the world that he wasn't a billionaire," one ex-employee said. "I was surprised that he would take that risk."

Jun 16 17:52

UN's freedom of expression top dog slams European copyright plans

The campaign against a key aspect of new European copyright legislation has picked up a significant backer: the United Nations' freedom of expression expert.

David Kaye, the UN Special Rapporteur, has sent a lengthy letter to the European Commission outlining his concerns about Article 13 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive, which would require large internet platforms to introduce automated upload filters that remove copyrighted content.

Earlier this week, 70 internet luminaries including Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and Jimmy Wales warned that the proposal risked damaging "the free and open Internet as we know it" by shifting legal liability from users to platforms.

Jun 16 17:50

Sir, you've been using Kaspersky Lab antivirus. Please come with us, sir

The US government issued an interim rule this morning prohibiting agencies from using products or services that have pretty much anything to do with Kaspersky Lab.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) comes into effect from 16 July 2018 and is a result of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which prohibits any part of the US Federal government from using the antivirus vendor's wares.