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January 12, 2018

Jan 12 07:27

America's schools ‘profoundly unequal’: Study

America's schools are “profoundly unequal,” with low-income, minority students ending up in schools with crumbling walls, old textbooks and unqualified teachers, according to a new report by the US government.

The US Commission on Civil Rights released the report on Thursday, urging Congress to take “bold action” to address inequitable funding in the country’s public school system.

“Although the United States Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that public education is a right that should be available to all on equal terms, the longstanding and persistent reality is that vast funding inequities in our state public education systems render the education available to millions of American public school students profoundly unequal,” the report states.

Jan 12 07:26

US has de-facto occupied part of Syria & hinders humanitarian aid – Moscow

All limitations on the access of humanitarian convoys to the Rukban refugee camp in the Al-Tanf area of Syria – which is de-facto occupied by US forces – must be lifted, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said.

Moscow has firmly emphasized “the need to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Syria in the implementation of humanitarian deliveries and the observance of international humanitarian law.”

Jan 12 07:26

Russian MoD says has killed group of militants which attacked its air base in Syria

A group of militants which attacked Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in western Syria on New Year’s Eve has been eliminated in a high-precision strike, the Russian Defense Ministry said

The group was found and killed by Russian Special Operations forces, according to the Ministry’s statement.

Jan 12 07:25

Move Over Fort Knox: Here’s An Actual Look Inside Russia’s Gold Vaults At Their Gold Reserves

It’s no secret that Russia has been stacking the shiny phyzz for years, and here’s a glimpse showing exactly how they stack…

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jan 12 07:25

Silver Antidote to Bubble Craziness

U.S. stocks, according to many measures, are the most over-valued in history. We live in a Bubble Zone!

Bitcoin and other cryptos are definitely in a bubble, but they could rise even higher.

Bonds yield little, and in many European countries, less than zero. Central banks have created this distortion to the detriment of savers, insurance companies and pension funds.

Real estate: Some locations, such as New Zealand, Canada and Australia are up a factor of 8 to 20 since 1980. Houses have become unaffordable for many, even with historically low interest rates.

Silver and gold: No bubble since 1980. Prices have been repressed since 2011 and are attractive now.

Jan 12 07:22

NASA BLATANT FRAUD - Sea Level Has Been Adjusted

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At the end are two pictures of the Statue of Liberty, one taken in 1898 and one 1917. The sea level looks the same in both pictures.

Jan 12 07:20

Social Security records show 6.5 million Americans are aged 112

Americans are getting older, but not this old: Social Security records show that 6.5 million people in the US have reached the ripe old age of 112. In reality, only few could possibly be alive. As of last fall, there were only 42 people known to be that old in the entire world.

But Social Security does not have death records for millions of people, with the oldest born in 1869, according to a report by the agency’s inspector general.

Only 13 of the people are still getting Social Security benefits, the report said. But for others Social Security numbers are still active, so a number could be used to report wages, open bank accounts, obtain credit cards or claim fraudulent tax refunds.

Jan 12 07:19

New Spielberg Film About WashPo Hides Bloody Side of Katharine Graham

Many people are unaware that Graham was the daughter of Eugene Meyer, a major Jewish financier and owner of the Post who was also Chairman of the Federal Reserve - big time pre-war ZOG. One of her favorite pastimes was smoking hash with noted sodomite dwarf and high-society parasite, Truman Capote (pictured below).

In the post-Graham era of the Washington Post, they have stepped up the war-mongering to all new levels. The Post has become one of the biggest mouthpieces for the neocon agenda, cheerleading for intervention in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and direct confrontation with Russia.

Jan 12 07:14

Teenage Boy Found Dead After Receiving HPV Vaccine

Jan 12 07:13

Zakharchenko: Troops have been put on high alert

"The situation in Kiev is tense, President Poroshenko has to solve problems, both external and internal, and the only solution to these problems is to unleash a war in the Donbass. Whether he is ready for this, I do not know, but, judging by the shelling yesterday and tonight, this decision is maturing. We are ready, the troops have been put on high alert. Units of the army of the DPR are able to repel any aggression" - added the Head of the Republic.

Jan 12 07:13

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says ONE WORD on Brexit that will make Leave voters RAGE

Sadiq Khan said that while he was "heartbroken" about Brexit he had come to accept the results of the 2016 EU Referendum but his use of the word 'probably' is likely to rile many of the 17.4million Brits who voted for freedom from the Brussels bloc.

Discussing the newly published Brexit impact reports he commissioned, Mr Khan said: "I’m not in a state of denial, I accept we are probably leaving the European Union.

Jan 12 07:12

MACRON BACKLASH: Anger grows at French president over migration law plans

FRENCH president Emmanuel Macron’s government is facing a fierce backlash over plans to harden the country’s immigration laws, with members of the opposition and charities accusing the government of planning mass deportations.

Jan 12 07:12

'Unbelievable ineptitude' Angry Brexiteers attack Sadiq Khan over anti-Brexit report

SADIQ Khan has been accused of “scaremongering” and incompetence after he released an anti-Brexit report written by ardent Remainers.

Jan 12 07:10

Facebook makes ‘major changes' to YOUR News Feed so 'people spend LESS time online'

The company claims the News Feed will see alterations to focus on “meaningful” interactions - this means limiting the number of posts from “businesses, brands and media”, according to Mr Zuckerberg.

In a post, he wrote: “We’re making a major change to how we build Facebook.

“I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What if I want relevant content?

Jan 12 07:09

Unruly neighbor: Canada complains to WTO, says US breached trade rules

A wide-ranging trade complaint has been filed by Canada against the US, accusing it of breaking international trade rules. The US, which has threatened to scrap trade deals between the two, has called the move “ill-advised.”

Canada’s complaint comes as its efforts continue to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The 32-page complaint challenges Washington's use of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Ottawa has cited around 200 examples of alleged US wrongdoing, almost all of them concerning other trading partners too, such as China, India, Brazil and the European Union.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the legal action was in response to “unfair and unwarranted” US duties against Canada's softwood lumber producers, and is part of a “broader litigation” to defend its forestry jobs.

Jan 12 07:08

Want stability in the Balkans? Then bring back Yugoslavia

The influential US think-tank the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has the Balkans on its conflict prevention list in its recently published 2018 survey.
However the idea, promoted by the CFR, that the US is the country that can help preserve ‘peace and stability‘ needs to be challenged – as it is the US and its closest NATO allies themselves who are actually responsible for many of the problems currently afflicting the region.

Jan 12 07:07

Are Ukraine’s population figures totally inaccurate? Ex-PM claims 8mn emigrated since Maidan

Ukraine’s former PM claims more than eight million citizens have emigrated since the Western-backed Maidan in 2014. If he’s right, it adds to growing suspicions that Kiev’s population calculations are utterly out of whack.

Jan 12 07:06

George Soros Bought a Huge Stake in Goldman Sachs After Trump’s Election

George Soros’ hedge fund Soros Fund Management made big changes to its portfolio in the fourth quarter of 2016, including a $14.9 million stake into Goldman Sachs.

Jan 12 07:00

WATCH: Baltimore Hospital Staff Dump Patient at Bus Stop in Hospital Gown

On Tuesday night, Imamu Baraka was heading home when he saw a woman wearing nothing but a hospital gown and socks being dropped off by hospital staff at a nearby bus stop.

Shocked, Baraka began filming the scene unfolding outside the University of Maryland Medical Center — Midtown Campus. The temperature that night was a frigid 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jan 12 06:55

Shocking video shows hospital security guards wheeling a disoriented patient out onto the street in just her gown and dumping her alone at a bus stop in the freezing cold

A Baltimore hospital has launched an investigating after shocking video emerged showing staff abandoning a woman outside in the freezing cold, wearing just her gown.

The clip shows four security guards, one rolling a wheel chair, walking away from the alleged patient near a medical facility located near Mount Vernon, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Owl 1
Jan 12 06:54

President Trump denies ‘shithole’ comment, slams “outrageous” DACA proposal

After reports that Trump referred to “shithole” African nations in a meeting (that was not denied by The White House), the president has tweeted this morning that “this was not the language used.”

Jan 12 06:54

Teens are eating laundry detergent for the "Tide Pod Challenge"

A government watchdog is expressing concern over the dangerous misuse of a laundry detergent. In this latest social media fad, teenagers are putting detergent pods in their mouths in what's being called the "Tide Pod Challenge."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now we know why Canada's Health department issued that warning.

And BTW, this is a STUPID thing to do!

Jan 12 06:16

UN calls Trump a RACIST for 's***hole countries' remark: Human rights spokesman attacks the President for 'dismissing entire countries and continents' with his Oval Office comment

UN branded President Trump's remarks about Haiti and African nations 'racist'
Trump questioned why the U.S. should accept immigrants from Haiti and Africa
He asked why US was having 'all these people from s***hole countries'
Trump said that instead, he wanted people from countries like Norway
The White House did not deny Trump made the comments in a statement

Jan 12 06:11

Cold or Flu? Here's How to Tell

You know the feeling. Your throat is dry. You feel tired, and perhaps a little stuffy. Then, a little cough starts, followed by that unmistakable taste in the mouth that screams "respiratory infection!" How do you know when that stuffy nose and scratchy cough is just a cold, and when it is something more serious, like influenza? Cold or flu? Here's how to tell the difference.

With the more virulent H3N2 influenza strain being widespread in almost every state in the US, it is so important to be able to tell the difference between the common cold and the flu. The H3N2 strain is a subtype of Influenza A that is particularly hard on less robust populations. This would include young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with a compromised immune system, such as diabetics and cancer patients.

Jan 12 05:41

Harsh - or totally fair? Man documents his DISASTROUS first ever Tinder date with a woman who behaved SO rudely that he fled the restaurant without paying or saying goodbye

An Imgur user, known only as Minilogo37, posted about his terrible first experience on a Tinder date and it went viral with 23,158 points and 19,554 views
He detailed the night in full, explaining that the woman didn't look at him once, wore sweatpants, gave one-word answers and spoke more to the waiter
After he'd had enough, the man excused himself and left the restaurant without paying or saying goodbye and the Internet came to his defense

Webmaster addition: This explains the success of sex-robots!

Jan 12 05:30

Facebook announces major change to its News Feed as Mark Zuckerberg explains users will see more content from afriends and family as opposed to media and businesses

Mark Zuckerberg announced the changes in a Facebook post on Thursday
Changes will mean a family video clip will be prioritised over company posts
It may mean that the amount of time people spend on Facebook will decrease
Zuckerberg said it would be better for users and for the business in the long term

Jan 12 04:13

Trump’s Trash Talk

Atkins: Donald Trump’s trash talk

(*Boston Herald Expose on The President's Potty Mouth Disfunction , condesends on how Trump , through his base , somehow , weilds it for the sake of International Respect for The United States of America)

January 11, 2018

Jan 11 22:39

Inmates Can't Receive Donated Books Anymore, They Have to Buy Them

Instead of inmates being able to receive donated books in the mail from family members and community groups, inmates at three New York prisons now have to purchase books selected by six, state-approved vendors. And the selection is limited. And expensive, activists say.

Jan 11 22:31

Nevada Bundy Prosecution Collapses: The Federal Government Spent a Quarter-Billion Dollars but Couldn’t Convict the Bundys of a Single Crime

In 2013 the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) obtained federal court orders authorizing the agency to “seize and remove to impound” hundreds of Cliven Bundy’s cattle on the public ranges around Bunkerville, Nevada. The agency interpreted these court orders broadly, and descended on the area in April 2014 with some 200 body-armor-wearing agents, semiautomatic weapons, sniper teams, undercover informants, and surveillance cameras aimed at the Bundy residence.

Jan 11 19:37

The Surveillance State In 2018

We’ve already been given an idea of some of the key surveillance threats to the public’s privacy and civil liberties to come over the next year: the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, has published his Annual Report for 2016/17. The Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Report reveals an expanding of both older and newer tools of the surveillance state, such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (also known as ANPR) and Automated Facial Recognition (also known as AFR) by the police. While the Commissioner warns about some of the growing risks posed by emerging surveillance technologies, we would also like to see him take urgent action in these areas.

Jan 11 19:31

Fighting Fake News: Back Door Trick to Enact Censorship?

Fighting fake news is the new pretext given by the ruling cabal in many nations to enact censorship via the back door. Amid the rallying cries of “We must fight fake news!” both France (under would-be dictator Macron) and now Brazil are attempting to pass legislation to ban political content on the web that the government deems to be fake news. There is a theme to this, as it follows on from many acts of censorship in 2016 and 2017. Whether it’s Twitter shadowbanning, Facebook rolling our fake news checkers or deleting entire accounts, YouTube embarking upon soft censorship through forced sign-ins or hard censorship by deleting entire channels, Google’s search engine hiding websites (by de-ranking them) or – worst of all – Google demonetizing content and sites not to its liking, censorship is clearly getting worse and threatening to overtake a free and open internet.

Jan 11 18:15

NSA Denies Prior Knowledge Of Meltdown, Spectre Exploits; Claims It Would 'Never' Harm Companies By Withholding Vulns

Jan 11 18:09

Scientists warn we're entering a 'digital dark age'

"The early 20th century is still largely based on things like paper and film formats that are still accessible to a large extent; whereas, much of what we're doing now — the things we're putting into the cloud, our digital content — is born digital. It's not something that we translated from an analog container into a digital container, but, in fact, it is born, and now increasingly dies, as digital content, without any kind of analog counterpart."

Computer and data specialists refer to this era of lost data as the "digital dark ages." Other experts call the 21st century an "informational black hole," because the digital information we are creating right now may not be readable by machines and software programs of the future. All that data, they worry — our century's digital history — is at risk of never being recoverable.

Jan 11 18:07

‘Smart underwear’ is here, and it’s ridiculous

Now your skivvies have a higher IQ than you do.

Skiin’s “smart underwear” is taking the wearables game to a whole new region, Mashable reports. The high-tech underthings, unveiled at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, have six sensors woven into the bras and undies that can track heart rate, temperature, pressure, motion, body fat and hydration levels.

Sure, $349 for eight pairs of thongs (available for preorder here) might sound like a bit of a splurge, but what’s more important than your health?

Plus, you’ll never go commando again.

Jan 11 18:04

Spectre and Meltdown are just the beginning

While I do believe Intel, AMD, ARM, and other hardware powerhouses will get better at responding to problems as they emerge, I’m not of the opinion we should consider complex CPUs “secure” in the near future?—?certainly not ones from Intel. Most are developed in secret, tested behind closed doors, and not transparently reviewed by outside, independent experts.

Where there is one bug visible, many more lurk in the black boxes of silicon that power our devices. What has changed is that now, hackers know where to look. This is only the beginning.

Jan 11 17:58

Flashback: Intel CEO Refuses To Answer Questions On Whether NSA Can Access Processors

Last Summer, shortly after the Snowden leaks began to escalate, Steve Blank, recognized as one of Silicon Valleys leading experts, noted that he firmly believed NSA has backdoor access into Intel and AMD chips. He noted how the leaks highlighted how backdoor “hacking” is the NSA’s go to technique because it is much easier than trying to crack encryption.

“Perhaps the NSA – legally compelling the chip vendors and/or Microsoft, or working outside of them – have compromised the microcode updates that affect most computers.” Blank wrote at the time.

Jan 11 17:26

Intel top brass smacked with sueball for keeping schtum about chip flaws

An Intel stockholder filed a class-action lawsuit yesterday accusing the chipmaker of artificially inflating its stock prices by omitting to tell anyone about the Spectre and Meltdown flaws in its products.

The complaint, brought by Intel shareholder Elvis Alvira, pits investors who acquired Chipzilla's shares between July 27, 2017, and January 4, 2018, against the corporation, its chief exec Brian Krzanich, and chief financial officer Robert Swan.

The precise accusation is that Intel deliberately misled or failed to disclose important information to shareholders, that being the existence of design flaws in its processor circuitry, and the potential performance slowdown workarounds to correct the issue would cause. The secrecy of this information, the complaint stated, meant that Intel's share price was artificially inflated.

Jan 11 17:24

OnePlus Android mobes' clipboard app caught phoning home to China

OnePlus has admitted that the clipboard app in a beta build of its Android OS was beaming back mystery data to a cloud service in China.

Someone running the latest test version of OnePlus's Oreo-based operating system revealed in its support forums that unusual activity from the builtin clipboard manager had been detected by a firewall tool.

Upon closer inspection, the punter found that the app had been transmitting information to a block of IP addresses registered to Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce and cloud hosting giant.

Jan 11 16:29

Rand Paul Announces Plan To Overhaul FISA Spying Program

Excellent hit this morning between Rand Paul and noted libertarian Kennedy on Fox Biz.


Jan 11 16:26

Google Sued Over “Open Hostility for Conservative Thought”

Last year, an engineer named James Damore blew a hole in Silicon Valley’s liberal bubble when he published a controversial 10-page memo blasting his employer, Google, for cultivating a culture of inane political correctness that was putting women’s “equality” ahead of basic common sense and wise business practices. In the memo, Damore made the argument that discrimination was not to blame (or at least, not entirely to blame) for the lopsided gender representation in the tech industry. Men, he argued, were more likely to be drawn into STEM fields and, as a whole, demonstrated greater aptitude for the work.

After his memo went viral, Damore was fired.

Now the young engineer is suing the search engine giant, claiming that he and others were regularly mocked and harassed for their conservative views.

Jan 11 16:25


“He was on his way to a spiritual retreat north of Sedona. The road is a bit curvy. He lost control of the vehicle, went off the road and hit a large rock, and then it becomes rather vague as to what happened, and the FBI hasn’t been able to tell us or hasn’t told us yet. At some point after the collision, Mr. Miller exited his vehicle, and was shot by a forest ranger.”

Jan 11 16:14

Sara Carter CONFIRMS | Clinton Funded Dossier Was Used By FBI To Obtain FISA Warrants On Trump Campaign

This was always assumed to be the case, but now we have CONFIRMATION. I have the written story from Sara plus the video of her with Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows last night discussing the bombshell.


Jan 11 15:59


Health Canada’s warning to not eat the laundry pods (designed to be thrown in a washing machine and wash clothes) surely has Charles Darwin spinning in his grave. It probably has others determined to take the warnings off of everything too, and let evolution handle things.

Let’s face it. If you have to be told NOT to eat soap, you’re probably already on a lower evolutionary rung than a fish. But that’s exactly what Health Canada thought their people needed. If we were Canadian, we wouldn’t know if we should be offended that the government thinks we are complete doofuses, or happy that those who may eat laundry pods can actually read enough and comprehend and heed a warning.

Jan 11 15:47

Meghan McCain Slams Michael Wolff To His Face On THE VIEW: ‘This Is Why People Hate Journalists’

I'm no fan of Meghan McCain, but she has guts. I didn't know she had it in her. Very nice takedwon of Wolff to his face.


Owl 2
Jan 11 15:32

Russia knows who staged attacks on Syrian base & it’s not Turkey – Putin

Recent attacks on Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase in Syria were a provocation aimed at undermining the country’s relations with its partners Turkey and Iran and the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis, Vladimir Putin said.
“Those were provocations aimed at disrupting the earlier agreements, in the first place. Secondly, it was about our relations with our partners – Turkey and Iran. It was also an attempt to destroy those relations,” the Russian President said during a meeting with the editors-in-chief of Russian papers and news agencies in Moscow. “We have a perfect understanding of that and will act in solidarity.”

Jan 11 15:20

How Israel allows private US institutions to abuse and drug Israeli children

"Private American institutions are abusing Israeli children for profit, causing irreparable emotional and psychological damage to them

"It is a rare moment to capture on video: this brave young girl agreed to give her testimony. She was on the run from the authorities, escaping back to her family for the 50th time..." >>

Jan 11 14:31

California proposes more spending on schools and roads

California has faced 10 recessions since World War Two, and the state must prepare for the 11th, Brown said.

“We have to be on our guard,” he said. “We have to be ready.”

Jan 11 14:30

Why Does Shep Smith Still Have A Job After A Stunt Like This?

This is ridiculous but par for the course for Smith...


Jan 11 14:30

Jack in the Box CEO: Swapping cashiers for robots 'makes sense' due to minimum wage increase

The CEO of fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box said “it just makes sense” to replace cashiers with robots due to the minimum wage increase in California. "As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense" to swap cashiers with kiosks where customers can order their food themselves, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference in Orlando, Fla., Business Insider reported.

Jan 11 14:06

Missouri Governor In Hot Water After He's Accused Of Trying To Blackmail His Mistress With Nude Photo…

He admits the affair but denies the blackmail attempt...


Jan 11 14:05

Time For Hungrexit: PM Orban Opposes Mass Immigration In Hungary, Attacks Soros In German Press

By Brandon Turbeville

Viktor Orban has caused shockwaves amongst the EU and the European establishment in recent years and has subsequently drawn the wrath of that establishment, resulting in an attempted color revolution in Hungary. Orban survived that attempt, however, and is continuing to “trigger” the EU with his refusal to destroy his country and culture with mass immigration and his open condemnation of George Soros and the destabilization empire Soros has maintained in Eastern Europe for decades...

Jan 11 13:51

Classical Liberalism Strikes Out

Is the Trump presidency an example of liberalism’s decay, or a last gasp to save the system?

We can see how the attraction for a strong, blustering, iconoclastic leader would arise in this context. The appeal of Trump arose from the pervasive sense of helplessness by a broad swath of Americans, especially those who have suffered most from the dissolution of families, churches, communities, and a range of constitutive bonds. On the one hand, I see the effort to exert some control over our destiny – by demanding an economy that works for average citizens, by insisting that a national culture amount to more than borderless non-judgmentalism, and rejecting the “political correctness” accompanying a sexual revolution whose wreckage is accumulating exponentially – as a “last gasp,” as you put it, and even an admirable one.

Jan 11 13:50

Sam's Club abruptly closes stores across the US without notice

Sam's Club, the membership warehouse owned by retail giant Walmart, is shutting down or converting 63 stores, a Walmart official confirmed Thursday.

Jan 11 13:31


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released 400 former ISIS fighters a few weeks only after they had been captured, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 10. The report added that the released ISIS fighters include dozens of well-known ISIS members and commanders.

Moreover, the SOHR said that the SDF even allowed 120 former ISIS fighters from Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah governorates to join its ranks. The former ISIS fighters who joined the SDF are all related to SDF leaders, according to the report.

Jan 11 13:29

Cryptocurrency Bubble or new Paradigm?  When $100 billion in market cap evaporates overnight and the rise of new currencies.

The market cap of crypto currencies hit over $830 billion and seemed to be on pace to reaching $1 trillion. This week South Korea openly discussed closing down exchanges since it felt there was excessive speculation in the crypto currency markets. It is hard to argue with that when you look at the rise of certain digital coins rising 1,000% to 4,000% (or more) in a relatively short period. Are people looking for a get rich quick scheme or is this something different? Is there a bubble in the crypto currency markets or is this some sort of new financial paradigm?

Jan 11 12:40

Hannity: Sources Tell Me Comey or McCabe Paid for Anti-Trump Dossier

Fox News host Sean Hannity claims he has sources indicating the dossier used by officials to spy on Donald Trump was paid for either by former FBI Director James Comey or FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Either would constitute a legitimate bombshell.

Correspondent Sara Carter reports that the “unverified dossier” was used by the FBI as cause “to gain approval from a secret court to monitor members of Trump’s team.”

Owl 3
Jan 11 12:37

Disgust Follows Pictures of Seinfeld at 'Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp' in Occupied West Bank

Comedian blasted for attending facility that offers "special programs for tourists seeking a taste of the Israeli military experience"

Jan 11 12:36

German court overturns acquittal of ‘sharia police’ Islamists

The men, in orange vests bearing the words “Sharia Police”, are charged with breaking a law banning political uniforms – a law that aimed to prevent street movements such as the early Nazi party.

Jan 11 12:36

New game in Ireland by immigrants,. let’s irritate our host!

New game in Ireland by immigrants,. let’s irritate our host!

Jan 11 12:18

'Super Hubble' is almost ready! World's biggest space telescope that could spot alien life passes key simulation tests ahead of its launch next year

Nasa's James Webb Telescope that could spot extra-terrestrial life has completed a critical series of tests in anticipation of its launch in early summer 2019.

The $8.8 billion (£6.5bn) telescope has been successfully tested in a giant vacuum chamber at the Johnson Space Centre - proving it will function in deep space.

Engineers are now confident it will be able to capture starlight in focus and track astronomical targets describing the completion of tests as a 'significant milestone'.

Jan 11 12:14

Orangutans 'may know medicines unknown to humans': Great apes are filmed chewing plants to make 'ointment' that eases aching limbs in a world first

Orangutans may have knowledge of medicines unknown to humans, a study has found.

The great apes have been filmed chewing plants into a lather - which they then use as an ‘ointment’ on their aching limbs.

The plant is also used by the orangutan’s indigenous human neighbours in the forest.

Now scientists are investigating the possibility the apes may know of further medicinal plants that could be used by mankind.

Jan 11 12:03

[Bug] macOS High Sierra App Store Preferences Can Be Unlocked Without a Password

Yet another password vulnerability has been uncovered in macOS High Sierra, which unlocks App Store System Preferences with any password (or no password at all).

Jan 11 11:30

Graham Hancock Explains Why His Viral TED Talk “The War On Consciousness” Was Banned

Graham, in his banned talk, makes the argument that modern society does not allow us to truly explore our consciousness by making various psychedelic drugs illegal. How this is offensive in the mainstream is understandable, given the fact that psychedelic substances have been banned from research for years. Now, the ban has lifted, and their ability to treat multiple medical disorders, among other things, is starting to come to light.

Jan 11 11:25

"US" by Paul Genova

How did this happen you ask? Well here is how it happened!

Jan 11 11:25


In a shocking admission of a fact that many on the right have openly worried about for years, the liberal Center For American Progress Action Fund had admitted that illegal immigrants brought here at a young age are a “critical component” for future Democratic Party electoral success.

You read that right. The Democratic Party is now admitting that their support for so-called Dreamers is in large part because of their belief that the vast majority would vote almost exclusively liberal.

Interestingly, the memo was actually co-authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, who herself has claimed on numerous occasions that illegal immigrants never vote and that the DNC’s support for them has nothing to do with elections.

Jan 11 10:45

Police: Teen ran drug-dealing operation from bedroom window with mother's permission

A 15-year-old high school student is accused of running a 24-hour drug operation out of her bedroom window.

Police told WFXT that the girl was selling drugs with her mother's consent.

Neighbors said that people would walk up the back stairs of the home and make the exchange.

Jan 11 10:44

U.S. Catholic Bishop's Letter to Secretary of State Tillerson Requesting that the U.S. Embassy Remain in Tel-Aviv

Dear Secretary Tillerson: As Chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), I write with urgency regarding Israel and Palestine.

Jan 11 10:41

TREY GOWDY | Did Peter Strzok And Lisa Page LEAK Info To Reporters In Order To Damage Trump Before The Election?

It's certainly looking that way. These two may be facing some serious legal problems.


Jan 11 10:38

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner withdraw their divorce

Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her jailed sext-a-holic hubby Anthony Weiner have ended their pending divorce case.

Identical statements from their lawyers Wednesday cited the scandal-plagued couple’s desire to protect their 6-year-old son by settling outside court — but experts say the real reason could be to shield one another from a potential federal probe.

Abedin, 41 — spotted over the weekend sunning herself at the luxury Four Seasons Hotel on Hawaii’s Big Island — was scheduled to appear in Manhattan Supreme Court for a compliance conference in her contested divorce case against Weiner, 53.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Spouses cannot be forced to testify against each other!

Jan 11 10:37

Huma Abedin flees her troubles for $1,000-a-night Hawaiian resort as NYC court hears she and jailed pervert husband Weiner have decided to divorce in private

Huma Abedin was seen basking in the sun during a Hawaiian escape this weekend as it was revealed classified emails were found on her pervert husband Anthony Weiner's laptop, DailyMailTV can disclose.

The former political aide, 41, who has been accused of backing up copies of her emails while working in the State Department, was spotted at the Four Seasons Hotel Hualalai in Kona, Big Island on Friday.

DailyMailTV revealed the exclusive photo as it emerged Abedin withdrew her divorce petition in a Manhattan court on Wednesday.

Abedin was photographed wearing a white coverup dress over a yellow one-piece and a floppy black sun hat and sunglasses to conceal her face as she sunbathed in the lounge area.

Jan 11 10:36

Kodak shares soar on news of cryptocurrency venture

Shares of Eastman Kodak stock were soaring Tuesday after the company announced a new cryptocurrency initiative.

The company unveiled a licensing partnership with Wenn Digital to launch an image rights management platform called KODAKOne and a photo-centric cryptocurrency called KODAKCoin.

The stock price opened at $3.10 a share Tuesday and rose as high as $7.65 after the announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. When the stock market closed at 4 p.m., shares were trading at $6.80.

Jan 11 10:36

Lights out at CES: Giant trade show plunges into darkness, knocks out Samsung, LG, and other booths

CES officials say the power outage at the Las Vegas Convention Center Wednesday morning was a result of Tuesday’s rain storm.

Jan 11 10:35

House Passes Legislation Renewing Controversial NSA Surveillance Program

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act has been renewed by the House of Representatives. Originally enacted in 1978, the act outlines the lawful procedure for collecting foreign intelligence. FISA Section 702 allows the US government to pull in communications from foreign nationals but does not permit surveillance of US citizens, even if they are suspected of criminality or terrorism. Ahead of a vote to extend FISA for six years, US President Donald